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Manufactured homes guide Lagos Nigeria - Factory built homes are still not very popular as residential apartment buildings in Lagos Nigeria or any part of Nigeria for that matter.

You may wonder why, since manufactured homes have been around in developed economies for over a century.

The reason is not far-fetched.

First, factory built homes have not been widely promoted in terms the average home owner will understand.

You will discover that there is still so much ignorance even among those who are highly educated in a thriving commercial city like Lagos Nigeria.

If that much ignorance about manufactured homes exist in Lagos, imagine the level of ignorance in less commercial cities . . . imagine the ignorance about factory built homes in less educated towns and cities of Nigeria.

The second reason why the concept of a manufactured home is not selling fast yet in Nigeria is because it is foreign to our culture.

When people think of buying a house, they think in terms of buying a block-built building, a block house if you like. Less than 5 percent of people who call me with respect to buying a house actually talk to me about buying a factory built house or a manufactured home.

The same goes for people who want to build a house.

When Nigerians (or Lagosians) think of building a house, they come to me inquiring about what land for sale is available in my portfolio. I gladly run through my list and they choose what appeals to them.

The rest of course is history . . . you already know what happens after the client finds the land he needs.

For those curious to hear the story, the client . . .

  • does land verification
  • meets with the owner
  • negotiates the price
  • proceeds to make payment after agreeing a price with the seller
  • collects the original title documents and the signed real estate contract, the contract of sale
  • engages the services of a building contractor or home builder
  • orders building materials

    . . . and then starts building.

    The above steps explains the traditional home building steps followed by most people who buy land for sale in Lagos Nigeria.

    Few actually think of buying a plot of land and then ordering manufactured homes or modular homes to occupy the plot of land they have just purchased.

    Why not?

    It's not in our culture.

    Manufactured homes, prefab homes, or factory built homes are foreign to us.

    Nevertheless, this modern building technology has immense benefits that Nigerians should explore. And that is the very reason why I created this mobile homes section in this Lagos Nigeria real estate website.

    As a mobile home dealer as well as a modular home dealer, I know the key benefits of modular buildings and I am committed to helping modular homes manufacturers reach real estate investors, home owners, and businesses who should be investing in manufactured buildings.

    If you're a real estate investor, home owner, or business who already understand the value of factory built homes and want to invest in this technology in Lagos Nigeria or anywhere else in Nigeria, you're welcome to contact us.

    Simply request a quote.

    If you wish to cut your cost further and buy used mobile home for sale instead of a brand new one, check out the used mobile home for sale section. You just may find what meets your needs.

    Mobile Home And Modular Home Versus Block House

    Thinking of buying a mobile home or a modular home? Not sure if you should go ahead or just build a regular block house?

    Visit the used mobile home values section or the section for new mobile home values. Compare the prices you see there with the cost of building a house, a block house. Then decide what path is best for you.

    Remember though that building cost is just one factor to consider when building a home.

    Suppose for some reason you decide you no longer want to live in the neighbourhood where your block house is located. How do you relocate your block house?

    It's obvious you can't. That is one reason why manufactured homes are priceless.

    Mobile home parks may not be popular in Nigeria yet, but investing in mobile homes or factory built homes is still a bargain.

    Wondering what typical manufactured homes look like?

    Don't look too far.

    Simply visit the mobile homes floor plan section for a peek at the structure of a mobile home.

    Here's the thing.

    Factory built homes can be as big or as small as you want them to be. Simply define what you want and the technical experts in our factory will come out with a blueprint that will WoW you.

    Wait. How do you transport the completed home to the location or city where you need it?

    The transport mode is clearly explained in the mobile home transport section of this Nigeria mobile home guide.

    If you're already sold on factory built homes . . . mobile homes, modular homes, or prefab buildings . . . and you're ready to invest in one, then simply fill the form below to request a quote.

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