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Storage buildings guide Lagos Nigeria - Storage houses have a few things in common. They help to control usage, prevent pilferage or outright theft, and, in some cases, preserve the product from deterioration.

From the above it is obvious that the construction materials for storage buildings differ from one storage house to another depending on the storage requirements.

In effect, the customer tells the storage home manufacturer what he wants and the manufacturer builds the storage system to deliver what the customer wants.

There are at least four types of storage buildings. And they are . . .

  • Site-built block buildings
  • metal storage houses
  • Portable storage facility and
  • Modular storage facilities

    Site-built block buildings used as storage houses need no introduction because it is the commonest type of storage buildings around.

    Typically, the store owner decides how big he wants his store to be and then comes up with a building plan (or house plans ) using an architect or a local draftsman. Then he buys the building materials he needs (including blocks and cement) and starts building.

    The building plans can be as elaborate or as small as the store owner decides. But that decision is essentially driven by the size of his business operations.

    For example, a multinational manufacturing company that produces about two hundred tons of food beverage per day in cans (and thereafter arrange the cartonised cans on wood or plastic pallets) will need more warehouse or storage space than a medium sized company dealing in recharge cards.

    The second storage space type is the metal storage houses or containers.

    As the name suggests, these storage houses are built from metal. And that metal can be single steel material of a specific thickness or double sheet steel with an insulator in-between.

    Metal shipping containers fall into the first category of metal buildings while portable cabins, cold rooms and other prefab homes fall into the second steel house type mentioned above.

    What situations determine the choice of steel material to use?

    Again, it depends on the type of storage specifications provided by the customer.

    For example, if the storage building is for storing machine spares that do not need to be kept in a conditioned environment, then straight metal buildings without insulation will do just fine.

    However, if the storage facility need to be kept at a particular low temperature all the time, then sandwiched panels have to be used along with properly sized air conditioning units.

    See how storage requirements affect choice of material and the cost of storage container manufacture?

    Therefore you must right size!

    Actually, right-sizing is a concept that is taken seriously in engineering firms and in management in general.

    For example, it will be madness to install a 100 kva generator in a facility that can be powered effectively by a 25KVA generator.

    Similarly, it will be expensive and fool-hardy to install expensive air conditioning systems in a storage space where metal parts are kept when the air conditioning adds no value to the parts being kept there.

    Want to invest in a storage facility?

    First, think through why you need the storage facility, what will be stored in it, and the best design options available to you.

    Yes, think cost when it comes to choice of storage facilities!

    P.S: Need a storage facility? Simply request a quote.

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