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Lagos Nigeria West Africa - I have lived in Lagos for over 13 years. In this period, I have seen people come and go. I have seen people rise from grass to grace. I have also seen people fall from grace to grass.

The good news is . . . I want to share my experience in Lagos Nigeria with you at no cost.

In this discussion, I will explore . . .

  • What makes Lagos unique
  • State of Lagos Infrastructure
  • Simple home safety rules to observe while in Lagos
  • Security concerns, home security systems, and how to protect yourself
  • Lagos accommodation and real estate values
  • Entertainment and fun stuff in Lagos Nigeria and
  • Tips to graduate from tenant to Landlord through real estate investing

    Let's begin.

    What Makes Lagos Unique?

    As you're probably aware, Lagos Nigeria was once the capital city of Nigeria, the crude oil rich West African country, until 1995 when it was moved to Abuja Nigeria.

    Perhaps this is one of the factors that have contributed to the uniqueness of Lagos.

    How so?

    Well, the fact that Lagos Nigeria was once the capital city meant that a lot of money was pumped into infrastructural development in the good old days.

    For example, Lagos has hundreds of overhead bridges connecting key areas of the city . . . something missing in many states of the federal republic of Nigeria except Abuja Nigeria.

    The fact that Lagos was the capital also attracted hundreds of companies to Lagos. The presence of these multinational companies provided thousands of employment opportunities in these companies and in the businesses of the small scale suppliers and contractors who served them.

    Naturally, Nigerians started to migrate from their remote villages all over Nigeria to work in these companies.

    Why would anyone want to abandon his village for Lagos?

    Well, many of these villagers were tired of village life. They wanted to experience city life and the attendant benefits. They wanted the good things of life made possible by technology.

    Since technology was not moving their way fast enough, they decided to go find it. And they found it in Lagos.

    In fact, many have described Lagos Nigeria as . . .

  • "the united kingdom of Nigeria"
  • "the united states of Nigeria"
  • "the Dubai of Nigeria" and
  • "the Italy of Nigeria"

    As you read this, you may argue that Lagos Nigeria does not qualify to be described with any of the terms above because basic amenities are a far cry from what obtains in developed economies.

    Well, that is exactly what the intellectuals among us also argue.

    But note that the people who describe Lagos using these terms are not referring to the level of social amenities or the level of sophistication of technology in Lagos.

    Instead, they use those terms to convey the fact that people 'escape' from their towns and villages to Lagos in search of a better life just as they escape the country to the UK, USA, and Italy in search of the golden fleece.

    Bottom line.

    Lagos Nigeria is a busy commercial city with lots of opportunities to make money by doing something creative. And millions of people are doing creative stuff to feed their families and live the good life.

    Unfortunately, this also means there are hundreds of thousands of people out there who are without jobs, people who are looking for white collar jobs but haven't found any.

    Many people who fall into this category sleep in uncompleted buildings or under overhead bridges in Lagos. Some live with relatives who are tired of feeding another extra mouth with the small salary they earn per month.

    The result?

    Thousands of dissatisfied people who are angry with society.

    These are the people who become miscreants and unleash terror on society either as full-fledged armed robbers, pick pockets, or street touts (street urchins popularly called Agberos) who extort money from commercial transporters.

    Now, this is not peculiar to Lagos Nigeria.

    The reality of today's world is that there are criminals everywhere . . . even in developed countries with sophisticated crime fighting technologies.

    So, as you read this, you have a choice . . . be a criminal or be a decent member of the Lagos Nigeria society. Each has its reward.

    As the bible rightly puts it, "Do not be misled. Whatever a man is sowing, this he will also reap".

    Now, suppose you're a decent member of the society, what can you do to avoid being a victim of crime in Lagos?

    Read the section on Lagos security for some common sense tips.

    Some people confuse safety with security and become so security conscious that they end up putting their lives and that of their families at risk.

    My advice?

    Read the section on home safety for hard facts about safety and you.

    If you're an investor exploring the possibility of investing in Nigeria, you will likely be concerned about the state of infrastructure in Lagos.

    If that is the case, review the section on Lagos infrastructure.

    If you're concerned about how to move around in Lagos because you don't have a car and you don't want to use the rickety buses in Lagos, then check out the section on Lagos travel. There are options there that will ease your fears.

    As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, I have lived in Lagos for over 13 years. And I have thoroughly enjoyed life in Lagos despite the occasional obstacles.

    I sincerely want you to enjoy your stay in Lagos either as a tourist, visitor, or a permanent resident.

    Whatever the case, share your experience using the simple form below. Shared experiences can become cherished memories or stuff that remind us what we can do better.

    Do me a favour.

    Please do not leave this page without sharing your Lagos Nigeria experience with the rest of us.

    I will really really love to hear your story.

    Tell your story or share your experience using the form below.

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