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Home security systems Lagos Nigeria - Home security is the foremost concern of tenants who seek to rent apartments in Lagos Nigeria, especially potential tenants who are new to Lagos.

Expatriates are particularly concerned about home security systems in place at their hotels or the vacation home they wish to rent because of news reports that have repeatedly highlighted several incidences of kidnapping in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria.

If you're a tourist worried about the state of security in Lagos Nigeria, you will find that you're not alone.

Heck, I will be concerned about the state of security in some African countries with high crime rate if I'm ever to travel to those countries. So, being concerned about your welfare is in order.

So, the big question: "what kind of home security system is available in Nigeria?"

The security system you will be opportunity to have will depend on the sort of accommodation you choose.

For example, if you're lodged in a big hotel, you will have little to worry about in terms of security. Most hotels recognize that they will soon be out of business if there is a general feeling that their security system is poor.

In those hotels, you will find that their security system comprises:

1. Monitoring equipment like security cameras to keep track of activities within the common areas of the hotel

2. Entrance control to keep track of who comes in and who goes out

3. Logging of all entries and exits to create a record that can be referred to in the event of any issues

4. Uniformed private security operatives and

5. Uniformed and armed police operatives to deter potential trouble makers

Many vacation homes and luxury homes include all of the above except for the armed police presence.

In addition to the list above, most luxury homes have perimeter fence that carry security wires that have the capacity to electrocute trespassers. And many of these homes for the rich also use bullet proof doors so that the occupants get a sense of security.

However, irrespective of how secure the house you live may seem, if you have cheated on someone in a business deal and hope that the home security systems you have in place will save you, you will be greatly mistaken.

Why do I say that?

Well, you may have noticed that high-profile armed robbers attack banks even in the developed world and sometimes get away with it despite the presence of well-trained police officers in the bank and despite the use of high-tech security monitoring equipment.

Why would these criminals attack a bank despite the risk of being caught?

Simple answer . . . the price is right, as far as their criminal mind is concerned.

Banks are a storehouse of raw cash . . . the cash these unrelenting criminals seek. And so they explore loopholes in the security systems of the bank, disarm the few policemen on duty, and escape with their loot before the police re-group and become a show stopper (or formidable enemy).

Think about it.

If bank robberies can happen in developed economies with sophisticated crime monitoring systems, imagine the helplessness of security operatives in developing economies like Nigeria with less sophisticated equipment?

Bottom line.

The more sophisticated security operatives become at catching criminals and stopping them from achieving their ends, the more sophisticated the criminals become.

My advice?

Do no evil.

If you rip others of what is rightly due them because you hope to hide under some sophisticated security system, you will be greatly disappointed. Your sin will eventually catch up with you.

There is no hiding place for the criminal.

The bible puts it clearly when it says, "There is no peace, my God has said, for the wicked".

Does this mean you should not take reasonable security precautions?

Of course, not.

Does this mean only criminals suffer from poor security systems?


Do the best you can to protect yourself from criminals and criminal activities. Deplore all possible security measures you can afford.

But hey, don't let it become a dreadful concern.

I have spent over a decade of bliss in Lagos Nigeria. And I have found it very pleasurable despite the occasion security challenges.

Yes, you can enjoy living in Lagos!

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