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SBI review by online business expert based in Lagos Nigeria, Samson Itoje.

Maybe you have heard about Site Build It! (SBI!) before and wondered what it is all about. Now you will find out.

If you haven't heard of Site Build It! (SBI) before now, there's nothing to worry about. I will tell you all about it in this SBI review. I will also tell you why you should be using this online business software right way.

So, what is SBI?

SBI is a suite of software used to create high demand information rich websites that provide what customers seek and therefore generate income for its owners month after month, year after year.

How does SBI accomplish this?

Site Build It! is able to accomplish this because it does two things very well.

First, SBI has a simple interface and uses WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) technology. This means that the user does not need to learn any complicated internet software like HTML, CGI, JAVA, CSS or any such language to build a popular and profitable website with SBI.

Therefore the learning curve is shorter. The individual therefore creates success faster.

Second, SBI provides thorough education on . . .

  • the relationship the internet and business
  • how searchers looking for information surf the web
  • how to reach into the heads of potential online customers to determine what they seek
  • how to build a website that provides what they seek
  • how to promote your already built website using online promotion techniques that work
  • how to presell site visitors into wanting to do business with you
  • how to create your own e-products and sell those created by others at a profit
  • how to collect your money
  • how to build long-term relationship with your site visitors and keep selling to them after the first sale and
  • how to get your visitors to write thousands of pages for your website free of charge

    SBI teaches you how to build an online business. So it is thorough as it explains the process to readers and shows you examples and more examples in order to help you easily grasp the concepts being discussed.

    The result?

    Over 40,000 people from over a hundred countries around the world now make money from the internet using SBI.

    What People Are Saying About SBI

    SBI has had an unmatched rate of success.

    In fact, SBI has been called "the perfect online business software for the small business person".

    A good example is a woman named Delilah who makes over $10,000 USD per month from her SBI website. That is, over 1.5 million Naira per month!

    Another good example is Jerry Mack whose business is based on customers brought by his website.

    Jerry Mack says:

    "SBI is the center of our business and it has taught us about marketing on the web in a way that no other tool could have. SBI has created a business for us that brings us wealth, independence and a feeling of being in control of our lives. It will do the same for you if you let it. That's it. It is that simple". ~ Jerry Mack,

    Get Others To Build Your Site For You For Free

    Solo Build It! has a module called Content 2.0. This module allows others to submit well written articles related to your site concept for free.

    How many articles?

    There is no limit to the number of articles site visitors can create for you. In fact, my real estate advisor site has over 1,200 articles submitted by site visitors.

    Guess what.

    As your site grows bigger, so does your traffic and income.


    The SBI process is simple and straightforward. That is why even ordinary people without without previous internet experience have so much success with SBI.

    With over 40,000 successful SBI clients, you're guaranteed of success if you read the SBI manual and implement the strategies.

    Fill the form below to place your order and start building your success today.

    SBI cost just $299 USD per year . . . less than a dollar per day.

    P.S: SBI has a 90-day money back guarantee. Why? Because SBI is absolutely sure you will succeed if you come with self motivation and a desire to succeed.

    Simply fill the form below to order SBI. Your success is guaranteed.

    P.P.S: I offer live SBI training where I take participants by the hand and show them how they too can build a profitable online business using SBI. Also fill the form below to learn more about this training.

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