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Budget home insurance Lagos Nigeria - What is the best home insurance cover in Nigeria?

In simple words . . . the best home insurance cover is what is called a budget home insurance.

What kind of insurance is that?

It is insurance cover that provides protection for home owners at low premium rates . . . what most people refer to as affordable or cheap home owners insurance.

Therefore, affordability is a key factor when we talk about the best house insurance cover for home owners and tenants.

Modern home insurance actually provides the following types of cover:

1. Cheap home owners insurance

2. Home contents insurance for tenants and landlords

3. Rental property insurance and

4. Mortgage protection insurance

When all of these home insurance cover types are provided at premium rates that are affordable, we call it budget home insurance.

Let's face it.

Most home owners and tenants in Lagos Nigeria and most cities of Nigeria are struggling to earn a living. Many of them know the value of home insurance. But there are so many things competing for a share of the meagre salary they earn that home insurance gets brushed aside.

The good news is . . . smart and innovative home insurance companies are beginning to provide smart home building and contents insurance cover that are affordable and customer friendly.

Affordability and customer friendly insurance policies are exactly what customers seek. Therefore, more and more people are beginning to turn to these new age insurance companies to provide protection for their buildings and the belongings inside the buildings.

If you are yet to take home insurance seriously, I am appealing to you to do so right away.


The reason is simple . . . disaster can strike at any time.

Let's be honest here.

No one prays for disaster to happen. But the sad fact of life is that bad things happen when we least expect them.

  • home fires happen just when people think all is well
  • burglars strike when nobody is at home
  • Dare devil armed robbers strike even when the toughest of men are at home and
  • the bread winner may die even in the prime of youth

    All of the situations mentioned above can happen to anyone . . . the righteous man or the sinner.

    How do you limit the impact of such occurences on your family finances and help your family recover soonest?

    Simple. Just take the appropriate insurance cover.

    For example . . .

  • home fire insurance provides protection against the destructive impact of unexpected home fires
  • home owners insurance as well as rental property insurance safeguard against the bitter consequences experienced by home owners when disasters strike
  • home contents insurance for tenants provide protection against theft and fire and
  • mortgage protection insurance provides the much needed funds to pay off mortgage if the bread winner dies before completing his mortgage payment

    Guess what.

    We work with the best home insurance company in Nigeria to provide budget home insurance cover for home owners and tenants all over Nigeria.

    It doesn't matter whether you live in Lagos Nigeria, in Abuja Nigeria, or anywhere else in Nigeria. The home insurance company we represent provides affordable budget insurance cover for all residents of Nigeria, irrespective of where they live in the country.

    This is the best home insurance cover ever.

    Want to secure your house and belongings against fire, theft, and burglary?

    Simply fill the form below to take a home insurance policy with us.

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