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Cheap home owners insurance guide Lagos Nigeria - Cheap home insurance enables even the average home owner to get cost effective protection for his or her property.

So, if you're a home owner or property owner anywhere in Nigeria, be assured that our cheap home owner insurance cover is available to you wherever your home is situated in Nigeria.

The term, cheap home insurance, may get some people wondering if this insurance cover will really meet their needs.

Why so?

Well, it's because some rich folks tend to associate the word 'cheap' with poor quality or poor value.

But here's the truth.

The cheap home owners insurance our company provide in association with GT Assurance (GTA) is high value home insurance for individuals and organizations.

To start with, GT assurance is a world class company providing risk management solutions to Nigerians and non-Nigerians resident in Nigeria. With that kind of brand, GTA, you can expect nothing but customer focused cheap home insurance solutions.

I know you're wondering, "so why is it cheap?"

The reason is obvious.

It's cheap because the company wants more and more Nigerians to have the unique opportunity of getting insurance protection for their most cherished (and most expensive) asset . . . their home.

In the past, insurance policies were considered by the average Nigerian to be exclusive to the rich because of the premium rate.

However, smarter and more innovative solutions from customer oriented companies like GT Assurance has now brought cheap home owner insurance to the doorsteps of even the average guy.

Let's face it.

Who wants to pay expensive premium to an insurance company anyway?

Do you?

Obviously, not.

So, the availability of cheap home insurance is to your benefit. Therefore, I encourage you to grab the offer with both hands.

The Value of Home Insurance Cover

The majority of Nigerians tell you they know the value of home insurance cover but they never get round to take a home insurance policy.

This oversight is most likely because they have not given full attention to the benefits of home insurance.

So, let me re-emphasize the benefit of a solid home insurance cover.

When you take a home insurance policy, you create instant wealth.


It's pretty simple, really.

When you take an insurance policy, you pay a token called the premium. And this premium often is a small fraction of the value of your property.

If the insured risk occurs (e.g. fire, theft, burglary etc), the insurance company pays you the insured sum.

Here's a quick example to drive the point home.

Suppose you take a fire policy with an insurance company and the insured sum is 10 million Naira (equal to the estimated value of your home).

Suppose too that the home owner insurance premium is 0.25 percent of the insured sum. You will pay

You will pay 25,000 Naira every year to enjoy a cover of 10 million Naira.

If there is unexpected fire outbreak in your property just one month after you took the insurance policy, the insurance company gets to pay you 10 million Naira . . . even though you have only contributed 25,000 Naira to the policy.

Get the point.

That is instant wealth for only a token!

Cheap Home Insurance - How Cheap?

At this point I know you're wondering, "how cheap is this cheap home owners insurance?"

Well, it's dead cheap home insurance.

How cheap?

As a home owner, you pay only 0.25 percent of the insured sum as the insurance premium.

As shown in the example above, you only have to pay 25,000 Naira per annum to get a cover of 10 million Naira for your property.

That is really cheap.

My advice?

Request a quote for this cheap home owners insurance right away by filling the simple form below.

Nobody prays for fire, flood or earthquake. But these things happen. And they can happen to anyone.

So, secure your home with a token right now.

It's the wise thing to do.

Just fill the form below to get started.

Request Insurance Quote

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