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Buying a house in Lagos Nigeria is a smart choice. This is because Lagos Nigeria real estate is about the most lucrative property market in Nigeria, the largest black nation in the world.

So, when you decide to invest in buying a home or buying a house in Lagos, you're deciding to join the league of successful real estate investors in Nigeria.

So I say, "Congratulations! Welcome to the elite club of Lagos Nigeria home owners!"

The purpose of this Lagos Nigeria real estate investing guide is to provide you some free tips for buying a home . . . real estate investing advice that will enable you make the right home buying decisions and therefore buy your dream home at a good price and get great value on your investment.

The free home buying tips and guidance provided on this site will help you make the right investment decision whether you're a first time home buyer or you're one of the many real estate investors currently under the heavy burden of bad credit home loans.

I have actually prepared a home inspection checklist to help you analyze the property you're about to buy to ensure you make the right buying decision and so avoid pitfalls common to people who are first time home buyers or people looking for cheap housing.

You will also find great guidance for buying a house that involves . . .

  • buying investment property
  • buying rental properties and
  • buying foreclosure property

    Financing is a big issue when it comes to home buying. Consequently, a section of this Lagos Nigeria real estate investing guide is dedicated to information on . . .

  • home equity loan rates
  • financing for buying a house
  • commercial real estate loans
  • investment property loans
  • real estate loans for estate development

    . . . and how to manage even the toughest real estate lender.

    When you're ready to buy your dream house you will discover that you need a real estate lawyer to draw up the purchase and ownership transfer contract . . . the real estate contract . . . between you and the seller.

    The good news is that I have a section of this Nigeria real estate web site dedicated to real estate attorneys. This section covers . . .

  • how to choose a real estate attorney
  • what charges real estate commission to expect
  • how to get the real estate attorney to work for you
  • how to ensure the real estate attorney does NOT work against you
  • Some people have been told that "lawyers are liars" and tacitly believe this fallacy. Therefore they silently dread having to deal with lawyers or attorneys.

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    Unfortunately, when it comes to buying a home, you cannot run away from attorneys. You have to work hand in glove with your chosen real estate attorney to ensure that your purchase is legal and problem-free. The section on real estate attorneys will help you do just that.

    Then there is also a section on real estate values that shows you what property prices are, current real estate values, and how you can take advantage of prevailing real estate market situations when buying a house.

    I am a practical person. So I give you all the home buying information you need just the way it is . . . nothing is held back.

    Ready to buy your dream home?

    Use the links above to get access to solid Nigeria real estate investing advice. And start investing in real estate.

    It's FREE!


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