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Real estate investors guide Lagos Nigeria - The smart Nigeria property investor understands that while he may be knowledgeable about a lot of things, he does not know it all.

Consequently, real estate investors who understand that "knowledge is power" look for opportunities to interact with other property investors in other to sharpen their property investing skills.

Here is the good news.

If you are a smart investor who have been looking for ways to collaborate with other Nigeria real estate investors in order to grow your profitability, your prayers have just been answered.


Well, this Nigeria property investor guide is designed to help seasoned investors and first time home buyers share real estate investing ideas so each can become acquainted with developments in the Nigeria real estate market and earn even more from the property market.

Here's another advantage of participating in the discussions in this property investor guide.

Other people's posts, comments, ideas, or insults can provoke or ignite the genius in you and catapult you to scale hurdles that stand in your way.

That is so true!

Let me tell you my story to drive the point home.

I use to be a tenant, you know. And it wasn't because I didn't have the funds to build a house of my own. No, I had enough money to buy a plot of land and starting building my dream home. But something held me back.

What was that?

My business.

At that time I felt that a home doesn't generate as much income as a business especially if you own just one house where you live. I reasoned that the house merely paid your rent, the rent you would have paid if you didn't have a house. In my case, that rent was just 350,000 Naira per annum (about $2,300 USD per annum).

I reasoned that I needed much more than that per annum to live a good life. So I focused my efforts on building a business . . . my computer school business.

I reasoned that the computer school business would generate money to buy as many houses as I desired when the business becomes prosperous and profitable.

Smart, right?

Well, things didn't work out the way I figured they would. And experienced people will tell you that that is how life generally is . . . you cannot predict with certainty what will happen to you or your investments in another decade or thereabout.

To add insult to injury, my landlord's daughter became domineering.

On one occasion she screamed, "Anyone who cannot obey my rules should go live in his father's house. This is my father's house!"

I wasn't prepared to take more insults. So I decided it was time to move out.

Fortunately, I had just seven months left on my rent. So it was the perfect time to start looking for new accommodation.

But then my wife popped the million dollar question: "Why don't we just buy a plot of land and build our own home?"

At the time I wasn't a Nigeria real estate investor. But a simple analysis of the money required to rent a new accommodation, in view of the 2 years advance rent demanded by Lagos landlords, came down to about 840,000 Naira (about $5,600 USD).

I didn't need to be a real estate investor or Nigeria property investor to understand that the money was better spent building my own house.

The rest is now history as I am now a proud landlord, a proud owner of my own home, in Lagos Nigeria.

Bottom line.

Circumstances such as people's comments, suggestions, contributions, or insults can propel you to achieve higher targets sooner than you expect.

In my case, three things propelled me to take the bull by the horn and invest in real estate.

1. My computer school business was losing money

2. My landlord's full grown daughter (who should be in her husband's house) was becoming authoritarian and

3. My wife had a brilliant suggestion that got me thinking differently

Prior to this time (about a decade ago), I wasn't thinking the way real estate investors think neither was I a passionate advocate of alternative investing.

But now I know better.

The events in my life changed my understanding of real estate investing. Now I am a full-blown real estate investor teaching others how to become passionate property investors.

In the same vein, this property investor guide provides a platform for Nigeria real estate investors to share their best strategies, and their worst mistakes, so that others can learn from them and so that they too can learn from others.

You never know . . . one tip, suggestion, or comment made by a participant of this real estate investors forum may be all that is need to ignite the genius in you.

Here's the deal.

The Nigeria real estate market is open for the taking. But it's the smart guys who take advantage of opportunities to collaborate that will laugh last . . . and laugh best.

Therefore this is a golden opportunity. Take advantage of it.


Post your success story, suggestion, comments, or real estate investing tips in this property investor forum right away why it is still fresh in your mind.

Let's collaborate for growth.

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Share Real Estate Investing Tips And Strategies. Share Your Success Story.

What real estate investing strategies have worked for you?

Please share your story or experience or that of someone you know.

The more you share, the more you can sharpen your real estate investing skill and make more money.

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