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Home based internet business guide Lagos Nigeria - Online business refers to business that is done using the internet as a medium of business. This type of business is also referred to as internet business.

A home based internet business is a home business that uses the internet to promote what it offers and therefore generate leads (or potential customers) to the business using the internet.

This may sound confusing to you if you are new to the concept of online business. So I will attempt to break it down further so you can get the sense of it.

The Marriage of The Internet And Business - The Birth of Online Business

The internet was not set up because one magnanimous world leader wanted the average guy to have the ability to start a home based internet business.

Instead, the internet was set up by the military as a way to coordinate their activities globally.

However, a time came when the authorities opened up the internet to the public for the purposes of allowing people a simple means of communication via email.

As more and more people started to understand the value of the email functionality, more and more people started to use the internet to communicate. The population of people visiting the internet grew dramatically.

Guess what.

Companies started to see the internet as a means to communicate their product and service message to the growing population of the internet.

Remember . . . wherever people go in large numbers, that is where advertisers go to market to their target audience.

Since people worldwide were now using the internet in large numbers, big companies and individuals with stuff to sell naturally began marketing to this new audience . . . internet users.

That is how online business was born.

How To Start A Home Business Using The Internet

The advantages of starting a home based internet business include:

1. It is easy to start

2. The start-up capital is low

3. No need to rent an office space

4. No need to employee office staff

5. No need to keep inventory that is difficult to sell

6. Has potential to generate extra income for you and your family

7. Has potential to replace your paid employment and earn you twice or thrice what you currently earn from your paid job

8. Helps you start a business or hobby website centred around what you love most

9. Gives you an opportunity to become your own boss

10. Gives you time freedom so you can spend quality time with your family

11. Results in self-satisfaction and fulfillment because you're doing what you love and earning enough to care for family needs and wants

Now the big question, "how do you start your own home based internet business? How do you start your own online business that you run from your home without spending money on office space or staff?"

The process is pretty simple and straightforward.

Let's start with what you need to succeed with your own home based internet business.

1. A domain name. This is the unique address of your online business on the internet

2. A web host. A web hosting company is the company that host your online business files on the internet. This is the equivalent of renting an offline office space.

3. Website files. This is what makes up the content of your website.

4. Knowledge of how to put this all together to create a profitable online business that generates income for you.

Now that you know what you need to start and run your own home based internet business, the next obvious question is, how do you do this when you don't have any previous experience with online business building?

There is a simple solution.

Subscribe to the services of a web hosting company that offers internet business software that simplifies the process of building a profitable home based internet business.

That is exactly what I did when I started my own online business. And today I earn good money from my business website.

Do You Need To Hire A Webmaster?

If you use a conventional web hosting company for your web business, you will need to hire a webmaster to build your web pages for you.

These conventional web hosts will sell you a domain name and web hosting space. They may even offer you a free domain name to lure you. Thereafter they will leave you to figure out how to proceed from there yourself.

Since you don't know how to proceed further because you're a newbie, you will be forced to hire a webmaster. And webmasters charge big money. This will significantly increase your start-up costs.

My advice?

Don't go that route because it's the path to failure.

Instead, do what I did.

Use a web hosting company that offers a free website builder that has successfully helped thousands of small business people to build popular and profitable online businesses. Ask for proof of success.

The web hosting company I use has helped over 40,000 small business people create their dream . . . a home based internet business that pays the bills.

The online business software I have found super useful is Site Build It (SBI).

I highly recommend you use this same online business software if you really want to build a home based internet business that will make you extra income.

With this software, you don't need a webmaster to build your business or hobby website for you. This software provides the tools and the training so you can do it yourself . . . and succeed.

Click HERE to learn more about SBI

P.S: Want to start earning immediately from your very own home business? Want a home business you don't have to go through the headache of building a website from scratch? Ready to do what it takes to start earning the kind of income you desire.

NOTE: The start-up capital for this business is =N=142,000. Fill the registration form below if you have the capital to start.

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