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Commercial real estate guide Lagos Nigeria - This commercial property guide provides free real estate investing advice for both first time home buyers and seasoned investors. This Nigeria commercial property guide will benefit you irrespective of where you are in your property investing career.

What makes this commercial real estate guide unique?

The reason is pretty simple.

This Nigeria property guide is written from a practical point of view . . . it is the result of years of hands-on practical experience as a Lagos Nigeria real estate consultant.

Yes, I am a Lagos Nigeria real estate agent who deals in both commercial real estate and residential real estate.

I offer property for sale and apartments for rent in Lagos Nigeria. And my priority is to help clients find the property that matches their taste and budget . . . and as fast as possible.

Wait. What is the practical definition of commercial property?

In simple words . . . it is property that is used for commercial purposes. That is, property that is used for business purposes.

What is the lure of commercial property? Why is commercial real estate investing very attractive?

There are three basic reasons for this.

1. Commercial property lease tend to generate high rent because commercial houses are often located in strategic locations

2. Commercial real estate financing tends to make good property investing sense to commercial banks called upon to finance that sort of investment and

3. It's profitable to sell commercial houses since they attract good rent and prices make sense to commercial investors

Bottom line.

Everyone involved in the sale or rental of commercial houses benefit in some way.

1. The commercial real estate broker makes a sizable commission from the sale

2. Commercial banks are excited to offer commercial real estate loans because the investment pays for itself. This means interest payments as well as principal payments are virtually guaranteed by the consistent rent from the property

3. The commercial property management consultant or facility managers handling the management and maintenance of the commercial building get a nice slice of profit from managing the property and

4. The commercial property insurance company also gets a nice cut of the revenue from the commercial building as premium year in year out

Here's the truth.

If you are thinking of investing in real estate for the purpose of generating consistent income year on year, your real estate investment portfolio will not be complete without at least one commercial building or commercial house in your portfolio.

I have said it before . . . and I will say it again.

Investing for income is the smart thing to do.

Real estate investing that focuses on just being a home owner in order to avoid the harassment and general excesses of Nigeria landlords is great. But that is not sufficient.

Come on! You're smarter than that!

The truth is . . . consistent income is the life-blood of any household. And Lagos Nigeria real estate investing can generate that kind of income effortlessly . . . income that makes you live big with minimum work.

Guess what.

Investing in commercial buildings is the icing on the cake of Nigeria real estate investing.

So, by all means, invest in commercial property in Lagos Nigeria. It pays.

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P.S: Can't find the property that meets your requirements? No problem. Simply contact me to discuss your property needs. I come to the Nigeria real estate market with a unique perspective. I can guide you through the process and help you find your dream property.

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