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Commercial property for sale Lagos Nigeria - The premium commercial real estate for sale directory.

This commercial property for sale directory offers free Nigeria real estate listing and free property search.

What does this mean?

In simple words . . . it means anyone, home owners and estate agents, can post Lagos Nigeria property for sale in this real estate for sale directory free.

Please note the following:

1. This directory is only for commercial real estate located in Lagos Nigeria . . . both mainland and island areas of Lagos Nigeria.

2. This page is only for mainland commercial property for sale. Visit the Island commercial real estate for sale directory if you seek commercial property in the island areas of Lagos Nigeria or if you wish to list commercial property for sale in the island areas of Lagos Nigeria.

3. This directory is for commercial real estate for sale only. Visit the residential property for sale directory if you seek residential property for sale or if you have residential real estate for sale in your portfolio (applies to home owners and real estate agents).

Information For Property Buyers

Commercial real estate for sale listed by property owners and real estate agents appear underneath the property submission form below.

Run through this list of available properties for sale and make your choice.

Can't find what you want?

No problem.

Simply contact me and tell me exactly what you want.

Please always specify . . .

  • Your preferred location
  • The kind of property you want (e.g. detached duplex, bungalow etc and
  • Your budget

    Many real estate clients who want to buy commercial property for sale are skeptical about stating their budget. Some of these clients feel that estate agents may hike the sale price of the properties they show them if they know their budget.

    This is a false assumption.

    The real reason Nigeria real estate agents ask for your budget is to enable them show you property for sale that match your budget instead of showing you everything that is available in the market . . . real estate for sale that are far beyond your budget. This saves time and valuable resources for you and your agent.

  • So, please state your budget when you contact me to source a commercial property (or any other kind of property for you, either residential or commercial or apartments for rent or for sale).

    Information For Real estate Agents

    This is a note to home owners and Lagos Nigeria real estate agents who list properties for sale to provide as much detail as possible about the commercial property for sale they list in this commercial real estate for sale directory.

    This benefits both your the home owner or estate agent and the potential clients.

    One of the key benefits to potential clients is that they can easily narrow down to the commercial property that suit their requirements and taste.

    Therefore, be sure to provide the following details when you list commercial properties in this directory.

  • The nature and type of property (property description)
  • The location
  • The title
  • The price

    . . . and any issues surrounding the property acquisition.

    Bottom line.

    Provide clear and concise information about the properties you list in this free property directory so the right clients will find you and do business with you.

    P.S: This is the mainland section of the commercial property directory. Visit the Lagos Island commercial real estate for sale section if you're interested in buying or selling commercial real estate in the Island areas of Lagos Nigeria.

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    List Commercial Property For Sale In Mainland Areas of Lagos Nigeria.
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    Have commercial property for sale in mainland areas of Lagos Nigeria?

    Simply list your property for sale in this directory. Buyers will find your property and connect with you.

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