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Land For Sale Lagos Nigeria - Free Land For Sale Tips And Free Land Directory.

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Land for sale guide Lagos Nigeria - This Lagos Nigeria land directory offers free tips for investing in landed property for sale in Lagos Nigeria and anywhere else you may live in Nigeria.

This land for sale guide actually goes a step further.

First, it provides helpful advice to enable site visitors invest right in landed property. Thereafter it provides a land directory where anyone can find or list land available for sale free.

Let's start with the first part of this guide . . . helpful land investing tips.


1. The land directory on this page features land for sale in mainland areas of Lagos Nigeria. Visit the Island land for sale directory to view land for sale in the island areas of Lagos Nigeria.

2. Click HERE to skip the advice section and view list of land available for sale in mainland areas of Lagos Nigeria.

Investing In Land - Five simple Tips

When you invest in land, you give yourself an opportunity to build a house to your taste. That is why a piece of land sometimes cost as much as a completed house in certain neighbourhoods.

Now the big question: what are some things to consider before buying a piece of land?

The five tips below cover some basic things to take into consideration.

Tip 1: The Purpose of The Land

One of the very first thing to consider is the purpose of the land.

Is the land for residential or commercial purpose?

If the land is for commercial purpose, this will affect your choice of location because it is common knowledge that some locations are better for business purposes than others.

Another thing to consider is whether the land is for investment purpose (speculative investing) or whether it's a plot of land you wish to build on immediately.

This obviously affects how you see the land and how much you're prepared to pay for it.

Therefore when looking for available land for sale, be sure to keep in mind your purpose for seeking to buy a piece of land instead of just buying a house.

Tip 2: Your budget

How must can you afford or how much are you prepared to spend?

Remember . . . money is everything (or almost everything).

If you have unlimited cash, you can buy property anywhere you wish without batting an eyelid.

Unfortunately, most people have limited budget. And this limits the locations they can invest in.

Tip 3: The Title

There are different title documents available for property for sale in Lagos Nigeria.

You will find that many land for sale have just "family receipt" and survey plan. The family receipt is the receipt issued to the buyer by the original owners of the land referred to as omoniles.

Sometimes there can be a debate as to who the original owners are. That is why a lot of people prefer land with C of O.

So, the question is . . . are you prepared to buy a property without C of O? Or must it be a property with C of O.

Note that if you find a property that you like, you can always perfect your title and get a valid C of O.

Tip 4: The person Selling

Who is selling the property?

The owner's brother, wife, or some other relative?

Is the owner still alive or dead?

Please get some ID before making payment for any land for sale you decide to buy.

Tip 5: Compare Options Available To You

Don't just see a property and decide that this is what you should buy.

Ask to see two or three properties before making a final decision.

Wait. This does not mean you have to see as many properties as possible before making a choice.

The truth is . . . if you live in Lagos Nigeria, you will know a good deal when you see it.

Another important point.

Don't be swerved from doing due diligence because you find a cheap property that is priced far below the real estate market price for the same kind of property in the same area. "Dead cheap" can be deadly.


Well, children and relatives of home owners who somehow get access to where the property documents are located sometimes become greedy and try to quickly sell off someone else property at dead cheap price.

If you buy into this kind of "stolen property", you buy into trouble.

So, be careful. Do due diligence before buying a piece of land whether cheap or expensive.

List of Land Available For Sale

The following land are available for sale.

1. . Brooksville Courts

Location: Oju Agbe Town Ibeju Lekki Lagos

Size: 600sqm   
Title: Gazette
Price: =N=3.5 million

2. Lagoon Courts

Location: Ibeju Agbe town in Ibeju Lekki Lagos Nigeria; About 25mins drive from Ajah roundabout

Size: 120ft by 60ft

Price:  =N=2.5 million per plot

Half Plot: =N=1.5 million

3. PalmsVille Court

Location: Orimedu Town Ibeju Lekki Lagos; about 500 meters from the expressway

Title: Proposed Excision

Price: =N=3 million per plot

Half Plot: =N=1.6 million

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Land For Sale In Lagos

P.S: The Lagos mainland land directory is underneath the submission form below. Visit the island land available for sale directory if you wish to buy or list land available for sale in the island areas of Lagos Nigeria.

P.P.S: Visit the home inspection checklist page for some smart ideas.

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List Land For Sale In Mainland Areas of Lagos Nigeria. It's Free!

Have any land for sale in mainland areas of Lagos Nigeria?

Simply list the land for sale in this directory. Buyers will find your property and connect with you.

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Land For Sale In Mainland Areas of Lagos Nigeria

Use the links below to view land for sale in different areas of Lagos mainland.

Make your choice.

P.S: Can't find want you want? Simply contact us

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