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Agricultural land for sale Lagos Nigeria - This Lagos Nigeria land directory is for three classes of people:

1. Nigeria real estate agents who have farmland for sale

2. Land owners who have land suitable for agricultural purposes and

3. Real estate clients looking for agricultural land for sale in Lagos Nigeria

This directory is a free land for sale directory.

This means that real estate agents and land owners who list land for sale in this directory pay nothing to advertise here.

It also means that clients looking to buy land for agricultural purposes also browse this directory free.

I created this land directory in order to make it easy for land owners to connect with potential clients who need the land they offer.

Therefore feel free to use this land directory to find or list land for sale in your portfolio whether you're a real estate agent or a land owner.

What To Watch Out For When Buying Agricultural Land

Buying agricultural land for sale follows the same principle of due diligence that applies to buying commercial or residential land for sale.

Yes, you may wish to use this land for agricultural purposes. But since you're paying hard cash for it, ownership must be completely and legally transferred to you.

So, what are the things to watch out for when buying this type of land?

First, verify that the person selling has authority to sell.

Most farmland or agricultural land are usually family land owned by a particular family. So, ordinarily, there is no one person who has authority to sell.

However, family members often agree to assign one person the right to sell due to the logistics of having everyone present every time a plot of land is to be sold.

The chosen family member is given power of attorney document signed by all family members. This document confers authority to sell on the person in question. With this authorization, the person can sell on behalf of family members.

Nevertheless, due to the crisis that money often brings even among family members (yes, even blood brothers fight over money), many buyers like to have the deed of assignment signed by as many family members as are available.

The act of having family members sign the deed of assignment accomplish two things:

1. It lets them know that you're buying a particular plot (s) within the family land. Therefore they cannot claim in the future that they were not aware and

2. It helps you avoid problems that may result if one member sells and other don't get a cut of the sale amount

Second, get good legal representation.

There is a temptation to be less rigorous when buying agricultural land because you think, "hey, it's just for farming purposes".

But whether the land you wish to buy is for residential, commercial or agricultural purposes, be sure to engage the services of a good real estate attorney.

Don't avoid property attorneys because of their fees!

Third, register your purchase with the Lagos state government.

If you do not register your purchase, the land will still technically belong to the original owners as far as the government is concerned.

Therefore be sure to register you purchase with the appropriate authorities and get a valid C of O (certificate of Occupancy).

Four, erect a wall around the land if you have the funds to do so.

By doing this, you clearly demarcate your area of influence, your land, from the rest of the family's land. A fence is a visual indication that ownership has changed hands.

Bottom line.

Advertised agricultural land for sale bought by you is still your property and should be guarded jealously even if it's in a remote area.

How To List Or Find Land For Sale

Use the land submission form below to list agricultural land for sale in this Lagos Nigeria land directory.

If you are looking for agricultural land to buy, simply browse the list underneath the form below.

Alternatively, you can use the real estate search tool to locate your desire land for sale.

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