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Real estate agent guide Lagos Nigeria - This Nigeria real estate practitioners guide provides common sense tips to help you engage the services of trustworthy Nigeria real estate professionals or realtors in Lagos Nigeria.

Who are real estate agents anyway?

Estate agents are a group of professionals engaged in the business of helping clients secure apartments for rent and property for sale in Lagos Nigeria and anywhere else in the world where they operate.

Wait. Why use the services of a real estate agent when you could search for the property you seek yourself?

Good question.

The truth is . . . both home owners and potential tenants benefit from the work of Nigeria real estate professionals.

First, the average real estate agent knows over a hundred other estate professionals within his area of coverage. Add to that the tens, or even hundreds, of other estate practitioners he knows in nearby locations and you will realize that the average estate agent has a huge database of housing professionals in his network.

In fact, when a new property hits the real estate market for sale or rent, the principal estate practitioner sends out a newsletter informing the agents in his network of the new house for sale or rent. Then those agents in his network tell other agents in their network who also tell other agents in their network . . . and so on.

The result is that estate practitioners have a massive list of properties available for sale and rent in the area they cover and in nearby communities. Therefore, using their services reduces the stress of driving round every street in Lagos in search of properties available for sale or rent.

A second reason to use Lagos Nigeria real estate agents is this . . . many houses for sale and rent do not carry a sign. In reality, only a few houses for sale or rent carry a sign. And the reason is simple.

A lot of estate practitioners in Lagos Nigeria don't like promoting properties for rent or sale that carry a sign because the potential buyer may sideline them and call the number on the sign board after they have left the property in company of the agent.

Potential clients do this in an attempt to deal directly with the principal agent in-charge of the property in hopes that they will pay less in terms of agency fees.

Unknown to these potential clients, the principal agent concerned will still collect his commission in-full whether the client came to him directly or not.

In fact, if the client comes to the principal agent (or seller's agent) directly and not through another agent, the principal agent will collect commission both ways . . . from the buyer and the seller.

But if the client comes through an agent, the buyer pays his agent while the seller pays his own agent (the principal agent).

Bottom line.

The buyer pays the same commission amount whether he deals with the seller's agent directly or through his own agent.

Now, why would anyone in his right senses try to sideline the estate professional that introduced a house to him? Isn't that fraudulent?

You promised the estate agent you will pay him his real estate agent commission when he successfully gets you a house. Now that he has done just that, you want to by-pass him so that you can avoid paying his fee.

That is obnoxious, distasteful, and wicked.

As the Lord Jesus said, "A worker is deserving of his wages".

Once the real estate agent has done his job, honour your word . . . and yourself . . . by paying his commission as agreed. Anything in excess of this is from the wicked one, the devil.

A third reason to use a trustworthy real estate professional is that real estate practitioners know the market. They know the history of properties and property values. And they are in a position to give you solid and honest advice on market prices and the true worth of a property.

The real estate attorney knows the legal part of a transaction. On the other hand, the estate agent know properties and the property business like the back of his hand . . . he lives and breath property everyday of his life. It is his business. It is his life.

Thinking of not using a real estate professional? Want to do it all by yourself?

Don't make that mistake. It's something you may regret for a long long time.

P.S: Need a real estate practitioner to help you find a property for sale or rent in Lagos Nigeria? Simply contact us.

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