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Alternative investing strategies guide Lagos Nigeria - This Nigeria real estate investing website is all about investing in property in Lagos Nigeria and everywhere else in Nigeria you wish to invest. That is the primary concern of this property website.

However, visitors to this real estate website are also concerned about alternative investing strategies. They want better investing options . . . alternatives to real estate investing.

While the primary concern of this Nigeria property website is property investing, the discussion will not be complete without looking at alternative ways to spend your investment capital.

So, are there better investing strategies beside real estate investing?

The answer is yes and No, depending on who is looking.

The implication of that statement is that every investment option has its advantages and disadvantages. So it's up to the investor to decide how to spread his risks to get the most value for his investment dollar . . . a strategy considered to be the better investing strategy for guaranteed success.

To make the risks and benefits obvious, let's start with the alternatives you have as an investor or potential investor in Lagos Nigeria.

Investment Options

Any investor in Lagos Nigeria, and any part of Nigeria for that matter, has the following options open to him or her.

1. real estate investing

2. Business investing

3. Stock market investing

4. Investing in bonds

5. Investing in forex

Let's consider two of the four alternative investing options listed above. It will be obvious the option that can be rightly classified as better investing alternative to real estate.

NOTE: Real estate investing is already covered extensively on this site. So, it won't be discussed in this section.

Investing In Business

Investing in business is pretty easy in Nigeria.

You simply . . .

1. Decide on the nature of business you want to start after a proper feasibility study

2. Register a business name with the Corporate Affair Commission (CAC)

3. Develop a marketing plan

4. Get an office space for your business

5. Equip the office

6. Recruit suitably qualified staff for your business

7. Launch the business

Once you have the capital, it's easy to start any business you wish, as long as the law of the federal republic of Nigeria does not prohibit the business type.

The difficult part is whether you actually have the management skills to run a business successfully.

Here's the truth.

A large percentage of small businesses fail within 3 years of being set up.


The reason is obvious. Running a business is tough work.

Will you succeed?

I don't know.

In simple words . . . it's a lot easier to make money from investing in rental property than from a business because rental property investing does not require daily maintenance and management of people and resources.

Even a dummy can invest in real estate and make good returns!

So, is this alternative investing strategy a better investing strategy?

For some, yes. For some . . . absolute NO.

Wait. Is it all bad news for those who invest in business?

Of course not!

Starting a business is a big risk. But as you know "the bigger the risks, the bigger the return".

Therefore, even though starting a business is a risk, if the business is successful . . . if the business hits at the core of a human need and solves a human problem like no other . . . you can become a billionaire literally overnight.

Investing In The Nigerian Stock Market

Investing in the Nigerian stock market has long been a winning (even better investing) alternative for many Nigerians and non-Nigerians who understand the power of the stock market.

Naturally, this led to over-optimism on the part of stock brokers and stock market investors.

But the huge crash of stock prices in the Nigerian stock market experienced between 2008 and 2010 forced many to reassess this alternative investing option and their claim that it's a better investing alternative to real estate investing.

Yes, investing in the Nigeria stock market is a beautiful way to grow your investment Naira and dollar. And its a good alternative investing option to Nigeria property investing.

However, as with every form of investment, you must invest in the right segment of the market and stick to a sound investment philosophy to reap good results.

Better Investing Strategy

After all is said and done, what is the best investing strategy?

What investing strategy can truly and rightly be called a better investing strategy?

Simple answer . . . the best investing strategy is to have a balanced portfolio of investments.

In simple words . . . do not put all your eggs in one basket.

This means you should . . .

  • invest in real estate
  • invest in the Nigeria stock market
  • invest in business as appropriate

    . . . and invest in other opportunities that are reliable to cross your path.

    It pays to spread your investment across several sectors. That way, when one sector crashes, you won't commit suicide like that European businessman some years back.

    Spread your investments. Spread your risks.

    That is the better investing strategy wherever you live in Nigeria or the world.

    Adopt this approach to alternative investing and you will do just fine. Actually, you will do better than fine.

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