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Home contents insurance guide for tenants and landlords Lagos Nigeria - When we talk about home contents insurance for tenants and landlords and explain the value of insuring the contents of a home, we often get two types of responses from two categories of people.

First, home owners or landlords feel that insuring the contents of their home is no big deal. For them, the more important thing is to insure the building.

Second, most tenants feel that they have nothing much to lose because the building does not belong to them. All they have are their household belongings and they can always replace them come what may.

The two classes of people mentioned above, landlords and tenants, obviously underestimate the value of their home contents.

They both forget that it has taken over a decade to acquire the contents of their home. And replacing them all after a fire incident may not be as easy as it sounds.

Yes, we offer home contents insurance for tenants and home owners because the contents of a home are just as valuable as the building itself.

Yes, the building cost much more. And it will take longer to replace. But that does not diminish the value of the contents of a building.

Since both tenants and landlords have contents in their home, it makes sense that the home contents insurance for tenants and landlords should be taken just as seriously as the home owner building insurance.

Unfortunately, most tenants and landlords still don't understand that their home contents is valuable enough to be protected by taking a home insurance policy.

Let me give you an example to drive the point home.

Have you ever tried cleaning the floor with your rag and couldn't find the rag?

How did you feel?

Happy? Sad? Annoyed?

Were you able to immediately convert one of your designer clothes to replace the rag?

Obviously, not.

So, while your rag is just a rag, replacing it when you really needed to use it was a difficult task.

Another example.

Have you ever experienced a situation when your waste basket was moved out of its location and you couldn't find it for awhile?

How did you feel standing there with waste in your hands (or in a packer) but with nowhere to throw it?

Did you feel awkward? Did you feel like a valuable item was missing?

Did you feel comfortable throwing the waste on the bare floor around your house.

You see, even though the waste basket is often accounted as of no value and often left outside in the rain and scorching sun, it still has value after all. But you won't realize it until you really need to use it and can't find it.

Bottom line.

You may think the contents of your house can easily be replaced in the event of a fire, theft, or burglary. But if any of those unpleasant incidences were to occur, you will find that it is not as easy to replace these househld items as it sounds because it cost real money to replace household belongings acquired over several years of your working life.

Guess what.

The incident may even happen when you're flat broke.

The solution?

Take a home contents insurance for tenants if you're a tenant. And take a home building and contents insurance if you're a landlord.

One wise man once said, "a stitch in time saves nine".

This is the right time to take that home insurance you have been dodging or postponing.

Should you put it off one more day? Should you do it tomorrow?

My advice?

Do it today.

Simply fill the form below and one of our customer service representative will contact you promptly to ensure your building and its contents are adequately covered.

If you're a tenant, stop deceiving yourself that home insurance is for landlords only. Get appropriate cover for your home contents with our special home contents insurance for tenants.

We are here to serve you whether you're a tenant or landlord.

Simply fill the form below.

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