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Home fire insurance guide Lagos Nigeria - Have you ever seen a house gutted by fire?

If you have ever been witness to a serious fire outbreak, you will understand why fire is no man's friend.

Have you also seen a house completely burnt down by fire and the home owner did not have home fire insurance?

Well, that is a common tale because most Nigerians do not take the call to take insurance policy on their home seriously.


What happens when there is fire outbreak that eats up the entire house and belongings?

The hard reality is . . . most home owners whose homes are completely burnt down by fire never quite recover from the loss nor the pain and agony.

The reality is . . . home fire happens unannounced, unexpectedly whether you have home fire insurance policy or not. And when it happens, the home owner is completely devastated.

However, there is a difference when you have a home fire insurance policy on your home and its contents.

What difference?

Well, while other folks who had their buildings and belongings burnt by fire weep and weep, you simply inform the home insurance company that an incident have occurred.

Guess what.

While other neighbours affected by the same fire are still weeping, your insurance company will pay you the insured sum and you will be restored to your former glory.

In insurance world, this is called indemnity . . . the act of restoring the insured, YOU, to the state you were before the insured risk occurred.

Bottom line.

When you take a home fire insurance policy, you transfer the risk to the insurance company.

So, if a fire occurs . . . though no one prays for one to occur . . . the home insurance company will bear the risk. And pay you the insured sum.

With that cash in hand, you can restore your house to what it was before the fire incident or build a new one altogether if the house is damaged beyond redemption.

In simple words . . . insuring your home against fire hazard gives you peace of mind.

Let me be frank with you here.

Disasters strike whether we like it or not.

Sometimes these home disasters are caused by human imperfections (e.g. your child puts on the gas cooker and fails to put it off before leaving the house) or by events beyond our control (e.g. the power company supplies too high a voltage that starts an electrical fire when no one is at home to notice).

Whatever the reason for the fire, human imperfections or electrical fault, you have your most expensive asset (your building) covered or protected when you take a home insurance policy.

The loss of a major asset, like a house, can leave a big hole in anyone's heart . . . a hole too big to fill.

In fact, the emotion turmoil associated with such a loss can eventually result in premature death of a bread winner. Thereby compounding the loss even further.

My advice?

Protect your most valued asset, your house, and its contents with a token by taking a home fire insurance policy.

The Insurance Premium

How much is the insurance premium any way?

The premium for the building alone is 0.25 percent of the insured sum while the premium for contents alone is o.75 percent of the insured sum.

If you decide to take home insurance policy for both the building and its contents, you pay a mere 1 percent of the insured sum as premium.

That is pretty cheap, isn't it?

What this means is this . . .

If you take an insurance policy to protect your building and the insured sum is 10 million Naira, you will pay as low as 25,000 Naira per year as premium.


That is super cheap!

Want to protect your home?

Start right away.

Fill the form below to take an insurance policy for your building, the contents of your building alone, or your building and its contents

It's the right thing to do. It's the smart thing to do.

Protect what you have!

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