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Luxury homes Lagos Nigeria - Luxury real estate is exactly what the name says it is . . . it is usually an apartment building with a number of luxury flats or other forms of luxury property for sale or rent in Lagos Nigeria.

Oops! I used the word 'luxury' again when I tried to define luxury homes.

Here's a proper definition of luxury real estate, at least the way it is used in Lagos Nigeria.

Luxury apartments are apartments built to the high taste and standards of the rich. These apartments include facilities that make them far expensive beyond what the average individual in Lagos can afford.

For example, most fully serviced luxury homes include facilities like . . .

  • swimming pool
  • Gym
  • Gas cooker
  • 24/7 security
  • 24/7 electricity supply
  • Air-conditioning
  • Refrigerators
  • Cable Tv
  • CCTV
  • Lightings
  • Elevators

    . . . and more.

    Owners of luxury homes often appoint facility managers to ensure proper maintenance of the facilities in the luxury apartment buildings (or the other forms of luxury real estate). And these facility managers charge a handsome fee.

    For example, one 3 bedroom luxury flat in a high rise apartment building in Banana Island Ikoyi has rental price of $85,000 USD per annum (as at the time of this writing). The annual service charge of this particular luxury flat or luxury real estate is $15,000 USD.

    Now think about it.

    How many low to medium income earners can afford to live in this kind of luxury home?

    Simple answer . . . None.

    Here's one thing to remember.

    Luxury real estate or luxury homes have a specific client base. These client base includes . . .

  • Expatriates
  • Senior executives of multinational companies
  • Senior government officials and
  • Rich tourists who visit Lagos Nigeria

    These real estate clients understand quality and they have what it takes to pay for it. So, they spare no expense to secure luxury homes that meet their high taste.

    Fortunately, we have luxury real estate developers who know how to deliver the quality luxury apartments these clients seek.

  • Therefore if you're looking for luxury flats or luxury duplex for rent or sale in Lagos Nigeria, be rest assured that you will find something that match your high taste.

    Investing In Luxury Real Estate

    Victoria Island, Ikoyi, Lekki, VGC, and Oniru have become the haven of luxury apartments. And, yes, when you enter these luxury homes you cannot help but be impressed by the quality of workmanship that have gone into them.

    If you are thinking of investing in luxury real estate in Lagos Nigeria, be assured that there is a large market for it. Deliver value and you will get good return on your investment.

    Obviously, it cost much more to invest in luxury apartments in Lagos Nigeria than regular apartments. Therefore, it's not for the faint-hearted or investors with shallow pockets.

    However, if you have the funds and you invest right, you will find that the return on investment is well worth it.

    Think through the following tips when considering investing in Luxury apartments or luxury real estate.

    Tip 1: Engage A Company With Experience

    Much of the island areas of Lagos Nigeria is land on top of water, land by the seaside sort off. Consequently, if you wish to building a structure that is both aesthetically beautiful and structurally sound, use a building construction company that is both technically sound and that has experience with building by the seashore.

    Tip 2: Get Your Costing Right

    There is nothing as uninviting as an uncompleted or poorly finished apartment.

    So if you really want to invest in luxury real estate, be sure you get the costing done right and that you will not suddenly run out of cash somewhere in the middle of the project.

    3. Tip 3: Start Marketing Before Project Is Completed

    It pays to start marketing the luxury property before the project is even completed.

    Use impressive prototypes and animation to help potential buyers get a feel of the luxury property even before it's completed.

    This technique works pretty well in Lagos Nigeria.

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    Luxury Home Tips - Share Your Experience With Luxury Apartments In Lagos Nigeria

    Have you had any experience with luxury apartments in Nigeria?

    Please share your experience.

    Are there any great luxury homes you can recommend?

    Tell us about them with a short story of why you think they are great.

    Do you own a luxury apartment or work as a staff of a facility management company for a luxury home?

    Tell us about why you think the luxury homes you manage are a great place for customers to relax and unwind.

    Recommend the luxury apartment you manage to potential customers, if you believe it's great.

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