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Building construction guide Lagos Nigeria - This guide for building a house is dedicated to providing practical down-to-earth home building information for home owners and real estate developers in Nigeria.

The truth is . . . a number of decisions are taken before the actual building construction starts.

For example, the first thing you're likely to consider when thinking about building a house is location. When you have sorted out the question of location, then you begin to worry about building design and the associated cost.

So, in reality, the building construction exercise starts with getting the basic decisions right.

If you fail to do this preliminary planning exercise well, you may discover that you have unconsciously planned to fail.

Here's a short list of what you need to do before the building construction proper starts. Adhering to this list (and any variation of it that makes economic sense) is crucial to the success of your plans for building a house of your dreams.

Steps For Building A House

Please note that this list is not exhaustive. Update it as you gain experience during the home building process.

Pre-Construction Steps

1. Decide the location you can afford

2. Decide the size of land you can afford in your location of choice

3. Develop a building plan using a skilled architect

4. Evaluate the cost of executing your building plan

5. Discuss the building plan with a handful of building contractors

6. Modify the plan to match your budget and recommendations of experienced building contractors

7. Submit your building plan for approval with the relevant agency of the Lagos state government

Home Building Or Home Construction Steps

1. Decide where to source building materials 2. Engage a building contractor

3. Engage a monitoring engineer or facility manager

4. Release funds for execution of the project

5. Track project progress and cost against budget and timeline

If you are an individual engaging in building construction, most likely you will not have the funds to engage an expensive building contractor. Therefore, home building steps above will be different in your case.

See the modified list below for an individual building a house.

Home Building Steps For An Individual

1. Agree price and engage a one-man builder, brick-layer, or mason

2. Issue the final building plan to the builder or mason

3. Engage a friend or relative to monitor the progress of the project and use of materials

4. Construct a temporarily building materials room to control issues of theft and manage issuance

5. Buy at least 30 percent of the blocks required for the building (bulk purchase may result in reduction in price per block)

6. Buy tippers of sand as appropriate

7. Buy Cement (not too many at a time as cement has a way of disappearing from construction sites)

8. Buy iron rods required for pillars and get an iron bender to bend these to shape

9. Track project progress and cost against budget and timeline

An important aspect of building construction you must take seriously is the area of quality of work. It is not sufficient to just buy building materials. The quality of work involves how these materials are blended together to deliver a building that is both architecturally beautiful and structurally sound.

So, if you are an individual who has taken on the tedious work of building a house, your dream home, all by yourself and without the services of a building contractor, then you must be careful that the home builder you chose is doing what he should be doing and doing it well.

This is especially important if your building construction work is in respect of a storey building or a building on more than one floor.

There have been so many incidences of collapsed buildings in Lagos Nigeria. And the sight is both unpleasant and traumatic. Add to that the fact that many people have lost their lives in previous incidences of building collapse and you will understand why cutting corners during home construction is dangerous business.

My advice?

Build right. Engage experts to do the job especially if you intend building a house with more than one floor.

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