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Home safety tips Lagos Nigeria - Safety is often confused with security. Consequently, people spend good amount of money trying to secure themselves, their families, and their material possessions without giving the same level of detail to safety issues.

In effect, their home security efforts end up threatening their home safety.

I suspect some people reading this may not fully understand the seriousness of what I am saying. Therefore I will tell you a real life story that happened here in Lagos. Perhaps that will drive the point home.

Debbie was a Nigerian that have lived in the UK for several years. And she has had a good life.

Some two years ago, she returned to Nigeria to attend the wedding ceremony of her younger sister.

The night before the wedding, the family was in high spirits and they partied hard. Her younger sister was getting married the following morning, what do you expect?

Unfortunately, something unexpected happened late that night that called to question whether they have taken the various common sense home safety tips preached by safety experts seriously or not.

The family awoke to a raging fire.

No one could account for how the fire started. In any case, that was beside the point. It didn't matter how the fire started at that point. What mattered was how to get out of the house.

Sadly, the fire was already raging before the family awoke. And it was getting out of control.

Guess what.

In the shock, fright, and panic that ensued, no one could tell where the front door key was.

The second exit was the back door through the kitchen. No one knew where the kitchen door key was either.

The third possible exit was through the window. But then the windows had heavy burglary proof to keep burglars away.

A thought came to break down either the front or back door. But then both doors were made of steel plate to scare burglars and armed robbers away in the event of an attack.

To make matters worse, Debbie and her family occupied the apartment building on the first floor

The neighbourhood awoke as the fire took epic proportions. The neighbours got through the stairs to the front door. Eventually, they were able to break it down after hours of trying.

The family was rescued . . . but it was too late for Debbie and her younger sister, the bride. They both choked to death in the fire and the resulting smoke.

Common Sense Home Safety Tips

Debbie's story is a sad one. Actually, it was a tragedy.

Unfortunately, this same story have been repeated over and over again in Nigeria and elsewhere in the world.

The problem?

People lock their doors so tight that criminals cannot come in after the doors are shut. But then, this often means that they too cannot go out in the event of an emergency.

My advice?

Don't kill yourself with your own hands.

Security is important. But so is safety.

Use the following common sense safety tips to protect yourself and your family wherever you live . . . in Nigeria or anywhere else in the world.

1. Leave your front down and back door keys on the key mouth. Don't ever remove them. And train your kids and other people within your family to never ever remove the front or back door keys.

2. Since option 1 is not foolproof, you can decide to make it a policy not to use any keys on the back door of your house. Instead, use a sliding bolt lock, a lock that opens when you pull the shaft. This kind of lock is called a foolproof lock because anyone, even a fool, can open it . . . and even when panicky.

3. Keep gas cylinders outside the kitchen and chain them to a metal holder held down by a concrete base

4. Have at least two fire extinguishers at home (my friend had a large size fire extinguisher at home. That was what saved his house from going up in flames when fire broke in his house).

5. Install smoke detectors where possible. This sets off an alarm and helps you detect a fire early. And when you notice the fire early, there's a likelihood that you can stop the fire before it spreads.

Please take the home safety tips above seriously. It could save your life and that of your family.

Use the form below to share home safety tips you have found useful or experiences that emphasize the value of these (and other) home safety tips featured underneath the form below.

Bottom line.

Be safety conscious!

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