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google adsense income lagos nigeria africa

Google adsense income is a popular passive income source that millions of website publishers have benefitted from both in Lagos Nigeria and in hundreds of countries across the world.

The Google adsense income is a CPC passive income opportunity that everyone has the opportunity to profit from.

The beauty of it is that it is easy to setup and easy to administer. You simply copy the ad codes from your adsense publisher account and include in the html of your website pages. And bingo! . . . Your ads are live.

The concept is pretty simple.

Unfortunately, many still don't understand how it works and how they can profit big time from it. Therefore I will make it as simple as possible.

Let's start.

Google Adwords Network

Google operates an advertising network called Google Adwords. Advertiser who register for the program do so because they want to create ads that will appear on Google, the world's most popular search engine.

Why do advertisers come to Google to advertise?

It's for the same reason they advertise on CNN.

Millions of people watch CNN every day. Advertiser want to reach this audience, so they advertise on CNN.

What does CNN do?

They feature some news reports, then feature ads. Then feature some more interesting reports or stories to keep you glued to your TV and then feature some more paid ads.

So, it's a Win-Win situation.

The advertiser gets more CNN viewers to sell to and CNN makes money in the process.

The same applies to Google.

Google is the world's biggest and most popular search engine. Millions of people from all over the world visit to search for websites in Google's index that provide the vital information they seek.

This is a huge audience. In fact, over a billion people visit Google every day.

This huge audience is an audience that advertisers of various diverse products want to advertise to so they can sell even more of their products and declare huge profits.

The Google adwords program enables them to do so.

How does this relate to the Google adsense program and the adsense income opportunity?

Remember that advertisers advertise on Google because there are millions of visitors to Google's website.

However, while Google has a huge visitor and potential customer base, Google is not the only website with visitors.

The internet has over 56 million websites that have varying degree of visitors.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if advertisers can reach all of this visitors with their product message?

Sure, it will.

In fact, it will mean more opportunities to advertise and more opportunities to make even bigger profit if they could reach all of this internet audience . . . daily, weekly, monthly.

But dealing with individual website owners and negotiating with everyone of them spread over the different continents of the world would be cumbersome for advertisers. And that would make the who process unprofitable.

That is why Google Inc. came up with the Google Adsense income opportunity.

Here's how it works.

1. Website owners who wish to display Google ads on their website indicate their interest by creating an adsense account with Google at

2. The appropriate Google rep reviews the publisher website to verify that it complies with Google Adsense terms

3. The publisher's account is approved if it qualifies

4. The Publisher logs in with his username and password and create his ad codes

5. The publisher edits his website pages to include the adsense code on his pages

6. The ads start appearing on the publishers site

7. The publisher receives a cheque from Google when his earnings hit $100 USD. If the earnings for a particular month is not up to $100 USD, the amount is added to the following month's earnings.

Why do I say this is a way to create passive income? Why do I consider the Google Adsense income opportunity as a a passive income opportunity?

The reason is simple.

It is because after you add the Adsense code to your site, you don't do any else. Google continues to display ads relevant to your audience on your website. And each time someone clicks on the ads on your website, your publisher account with Google is credited with your share of the revenue from the ad.

In simple words . . . the ads created by advertisers in the Google Adwords program is what appears in the relevant sites that are partners of Google. And the partners (or affiliates) of Google are the website owners who have registered as members of the Google adsense program.

The Google adsense income program is so simple and work-free that as soon as you set it up, it keeps generating income for you on auto pilot whether you visit your site or not. And whether you're on vacation or not. It doesn't even matter whether you're retired or not.

Your website keeps earning even while you're asleep, 24/7!


This is true passive income!

Adsense Income Versus Traffic

The truth about the adsense income is this . . . what you earn depend on the traffic to your site.

Traffic as used here refers to the number of unique visitors who visit your website per day.

For example, a website with 10,000 unique visitors per day will likely earn more money than a website with only 500 unique visitors per day, all things being equal.

So, the more visitors you have to your website, the more you earn.

The tough part therefore is how to build a website that attracts thousands of unique visitors per day . . . a theme-based website that is targeted to a sizable audience (the target market) and that satisfies the audience's unique hunger for information about that subject.

When your audience is happy with the info available on your site, they will spread the world to friends and family in Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. And that buzz will generate even more traffic ass more and more people want to find out what the buzz is about for themselves.

In simple words . . . if you want to make good money from this adsense income opportunity . . .

1. Don't build a crappy website

2. Don't build an offense website

3. Don't build a site simply because you want to place adsense ads on it. These types of sites are called Made For Adsense (MFA) sites

Instead . . .

1. Build a site that adds value

2. Build a website about a subject you know and love. Thoroughly explain the concepts surrounding the subject on the site. Add value.

3. Build a website that even you will be proud of and

4. Build a site that gets the nod of approval from readers

Then you will pull crowd . . . excited followers of your work. And you will make big oney from this adsense income opportunity.

In practice this means . . . put your customers interest ahead of the money you plan to make. If your customers are satisfied with what you offer, they will pay you in cash and in kind.

But put your customers first!

Google Adsense And Click Fraud

From the above, it is clear that you make money from the Google Adsense income opportunity when visitors to your website click on the adds on your website.

That is pretty simple.

So, why don't you just click the ads yourself, tell your friends to click them for you, or buy or develop a software that automatically generate clicks so you can earn fat cheques?

You could actually do that. In fact, hundreds of people (if not thousands) have tried it before you.

If you do that, you will be committing a crime. That crime is called click fraud.

What is the consequence of committing click fraud?

Your Google adsense income account will be cancelled and all the funds in it (that you have earned illegally) will be returned to advertisers.

Serves the criminal right!

My advice?

Don't be fraudulent, online or offline. If you are, you sins will find you. And you will pay for your crimes.

How To Create A Popular Website

I suppose the above is pretty clear.

However, the question remains:

how do you create a popular website that will attract thousands of visitors per day and generate enough income for you to retire from paid employment like me and work from home?


Use the same online business software I use.

I built my popular sites with Solo Build It! (SBI). I recommend you do the same.

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