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Create passive income Lagos Nigeria - People everywhere in Nigeria are looking for a simple way to make money and to keep making it indefinitely. In particular, they are looking for a simple way to create passive income that pays the bills long after they are retired.

Guess what.

It's not only Nigerians that are looking for a rock solid way to make money. If you doubt what I say, search the internet. You will find that making money is the biggest problem faced by people everywhere in the world, whether they live in third world countries or the more advanced economies of the world.

In simple words . . . money, or the lack of it, is what keeps most people awake at night irrespective of where they live in the world.

So, what is the best way to make money . . . honest money?

Simple answer . . . create a passive income.

Wait, wait.

What is the definition of passive income?

By definition, passive income is money that you keep earning whether you're actively working or not. That means you do the work once and continue to generate income from the work you've done previously.

This type of income is by far the best kind of income because you keep earning whether you're . . .

  • sick and hospitalized
  • out of town or out of the country
  • On vacation on the Caribbean (or in your village) where there is no internet access or
  • even retired

    Wouldn't it be wonderful to be retired and still earn good income from your previous work?

    Sure, that will be fantastic.

    Yes, that is why it is so important to create passive income and not just any kind of income.

    Here's the hard truth.

    It takes about the same amount of time to work for regular income (income that pays you as long as you keep working, for example a salary job) and passive earnings.

    In fact, some regular income sources even consume more time than the time consumed by income sources that pay passive earnings.

    Bottom line.

  • If you want to have a peaceful fun-filled retirement and earn way higher than the average retirement income in Nigeria, then you should invest your time and resources in pursuing stuff that pay passive earnings.

    Now that you understand the theory, let's deal with specific examples . . . things that you can invest your time and resources in and earn passively long after you have stopped working actively.

    Passive Income Examples

    What type of income sources qualify as passive income sources?

    Here are four examples:

    1. Pay Per Click (CPC) affiliate programs

    2. Online affiliate programs that pay commission for life

    3. Offline joint ventures that offer commission for life and

    4. MLM programs that offer life time commissions

    Here's a brief insight into the four income types mentioned above.

    Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs

    Many online advertising companies offer an online advertising solution called Pay Per Click (CPC) advertising.

    With this system, advertisers register with the CPC company and specify . . .

  • what they wish to advertise
  • how much they wish to spend
  • how long they wish to run the ads and
  • whether they want the ads to appear on the partner sites of the CPC company

    The CPC company then feature the ads of its advertisers on its own search pages and on its partner sites (for advertisers that choose this option).

    Each time someone clicks on the ads on a partner site, the cost of the ad is deducted from the advertiser's account and the revenue share belonging to the partner site is credited to his account. That is, the CPC company shares the revenue from the ads with her partners.

    So, how do you create passive income from this income opportunity?

    You simply . . .

    1. Create a website

    2. Register with the CPC company

    3. Create ad codes from your publisher account (after your account is approved)

    4. Include the ad codes in your website pages (where you want the ads to appear)

    5. Check your account daily (or weekly, if you like) to see your earnings

    6. Collect your cheque when it arrives in the mail

    7. Pay it to your bank account

    Why do I say this is a simple way to create passive income?

    It's because it's completely hands-free once you build a popular website.

    So, where is the real work?

    The real work is to create a website and then to promote the website online so that it becomes popular.

    When your website becomes popular, you will keep receiving a sizeable cheque in U.S. dollars every month whether you're on vacation or not, whether you're retired or not.

    This is true passive income!

    This is real success, hard cash!

    Guess what.

    You can benefit from this income opportunity where publishers are accepted in the world, including Nigeria.

    Now the next natural question, "what CPC companies offer this kind of income opportunity?"

    The most popular ones are . . .

  • Google adsense income opportunity
  • Bing advertising
  • Yahoo advertising network and
  • Infolinks contextual advertising

    Google Adsense, Bing advertising, and Yahoo advertising are pretty similar so I will discuss just one . . . the one I use. And that is Google Adsense.

    Click HERE to learn about the Google Adsense income opportunity.

    You Need A Web Site!

    It is important to mention that success with the Google Adsense program requires you to have a popular website.

    Therefore, the real work is in creating a website that is popular.

    Having a popular website means that hundreds (even thousands) of people visit your website every day. When thousands of people visit your site every day, enough will click on the ads on your site to earn a good living.

    But first, you must create a popular website.

    I suggest you use the same software package I use because it is simple and easy to use. This software is called Site Build It!

    The Problem With Creating A Website

    Creating a website and working to make it popular takes time and a lot of effort.

    First, most people are not passionate about writing. So, building web site with lots and lots of pages that will attract lots and lots of people is out of the question for them.

    Second, building a website is like writing a book.

    Authors understand that they need to first write a book, proof read it and get it published before they can earn money. The exact same thing happens when it comes to website building.

    First, you have to build the website, register it with search engines like Google and Yahoo etc and promote it massively to get massive buzz and get hundreds of people visiting your web site. It's the daily influx of people to your website that create passive income for you.

    Bottom line.

    It can take years of hard work before your website can turn profit and thereafter move to become a great passive income earner for you.

    The good news is . . . if you put in the time, commitment and hard work, your popular topical rich content web site can make you steady income for life.

    So, go for it!

    P.S: I highly recommend you join a home business income opportunity that does not require you to build a website, if you do not have the time, skill or patience to build a web site of your own.

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