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Lagos infrastructure guide Nigeria - If you're an investor considering the possibility of investing in Lagos Nigeria, the first question you're likely to ask is, "what infrastructures are available"?


Simple. The level of infrastructural development in a city or country affects the cost of doing business in that city or country.

So, what Lagos infrastructures can we boast of before the international community of investors?

Well, Lagos Nigeria have some infrastructures but whether we can actually boast about the quality of these infrastructures is a different thing altogether.

For example, Lagos has electricity delivered by the Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN), the central power generation and distribution company of Nigeria.

This company has monopoly over electricity in Nigeria. And since its a monopoly, the company is not under pressure to be competitive.

The result?

Eratic electricity supply in Lagos and all over the country.

This means that if you're thinking of doing business in Lagos Nigeria or anywhere else in Nigeria, you will have to prepare yourself to invest in generating your own electricity . . . you will need industrial generators.

The failures in electricity supply spills over to all of Lagos infrastructure.

For example, I have lived in Lagos for over 13 years. And in those 13 years I have lived in five different parts of Lagos. And in each of those Locations I lived, I never enjoyed pipe borne water from the Lagos state water corporation.

Yes, there is a state water corporation responsible for the generation and distribution of clean pipe borne water. But most Lagosians have not had the benefit of drinking this water because the water doesn't get to their part of the state.

This means that every house has to provide its own water.

Some houses have well-water while others have borehole water. Digging boreholes cost about twice as much as digging a water-well. Naturally, poor home owners (who happen to be in the majority) provide well-water for their tenants instead of borehole water.

So, if you're an potential investor reviewing the state of Lagos infrastructure, be reminded that you may have to drill your own borehole for your facility.

Roads, Railway, And Transportation

Lagos Nigeria has a good network of roads. I salute the town planning guys for that.

Lagos is also one of the few states in Nigeria that have functional railway line even though the railway service is still highly inadequate because the routes are too few.

All in all, road transportation is still the most common form of transportation in Lagos Nigeria.

The consequence of that is this . . . Lagos is home to some really terrible traffic jams.

A short trip that should take 15 minutes can easily become a 90 minutes trip. Add to that the 'biting sun' and you will understand the frustration of people on the roads who sometimes take their frustration out on other motorists.

On the lighter side, traffic is not terrible every time of the day or even every day of the week. There are certain days that it appears as if God's angel is passing by and the roads are almost completely free with zero traffic.

Those times are rare. But on such occasions you look up and thank the almighty for his tender mercies.


Can we get more of those?

Turn Lemons Into Lemonades. Turn Challenges Into Opportunities.

You can sit by and cry all day about the state of Lagos infrastructure and the general state of infrastructure all over the country.

Unfortunately, tears don't change situations . . . people do.

So, what can you do about this?

Start by turning lemons into lemonades.


Well, turn challenges into opportunities to create something new that benefits society. This 'new thing' you created will reduce unemployment, reduce the number of miscreants on our streets, result in self satisfaction and fulfillment for you, and make money for you and your family in the process.

For example, while some people spend every waking day of their life complaining about erratic electricity, others spend their waking lives . . .

  • selling electricity generators
  • Manufacturing and selling current inverters
  • Repairing inverters or
  • Selling solar systems

    Another example.

    Some people don't understand why government water supply can't get to their houses and they ask why.

    Why that is a good question to ask, others (while waiting for answers) choose to become borehole or water treatment engineers.

    The borehole person drills borehole while the water treatment person ensures the water from the borehole is fit for drinking.

    Someday, when the government is able to supply pipe borne water to every home in Lagos Nigeria, we may not need these professionals anymore.

    Until then, family heads continue to provide for their families and enjoy a good life doing these jobs.

    Get the point?

    Yes, demand performance from those you have elected into office. But also look for opportunities to turn human need into opportunities to create something that positively impacts society.

    For you the international investor, understand that Lagos is a city in a third world country. Lagos infrastructure are far for being perfect.

    Guess what.

    It is also an opportunity for international businesses to invest in the basic needs that we still so badly need.

    Bottom line.

    Don't let challenges or obstacles resulting from Lagos infrastructure, or lack of it, stop you. Instead, turn challenges into opportunities to make money.

    Yes, turn lemons into lemonades!

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