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Metal buildings guide Lagos Nigeria - Quick build homes (or quick built houses) provide a unique opportunity for government and high net worth individuals to quickly bring development to rural communities. It is also a window of opportunity for government and wealthy investors to address (and profit) from the housing challenge in densely populated commercial cities like Lagos Nigeria.


Simple. By investing in metal buildings.

Metal homes are manufactured homes or factory built homes that are quick to fabricate, easy to assemble, and beautiful to behold.

So, if you're a senator, local government chairman, or governor excited about the prospect of bringing quick and noticeable development to your people, I encourage you to take advantage of the opportunities provided by quick build technology.

Yes, surprise your people with speedy housing development made possible by metal buildings!

Quick Build Home Materials

A quick built home is built from prefabricated steel materials designed to be easy to assemble and yet structurally sound enough to withstand the normal wear and tear associated with home usage.

This means that if you buy a metal building from a metal home vendour, you can be sure that the building will last and last.

However, a lot of Lagos Nigeria real estate investors are skeptical about investing in prefab metal buildings due to the serious lack of knowledge about the nature and structure of these prefab quick build homes. And a lot of their fears stem from hearsay and not facts.

Here are the facts.

1. Prefab metal homes are built by professionals who know their stuff. So, you benefit from their professional training.

2. Prefabricated buildings are durable. That is why it is a popular home type in developed economies.

3. Metal homes have been around for over a century. So, they have been refined and refined by modern science to deliver exactly what home owners seek.

4. Metal buildings are comfortable and cosy. If you doubt what I say, read all about the benefits of prefabricated buildings in the prefab buildings guide.

Bottom line.

If you want a home that is beautifully finished . . . and fast . . . buy a quick build metal home.

How To surprise Your Constituency Or Community With Prefab Metal Homes

There are two ways to look at this:

1. As an elected leader in government (a governor, senator, minister etc) and

2. As a real estate investor

The Nigerian people want to see fast paced development. They want to see houses rise in their numbers. They want to see . . .

  • large estates spring up within a short period of time
  • Community hospitals in every locality
  • Mobile clinics in small villages
  • State-of-the-art community schools

    . . . and signs that the oil money is impacting their lives especially in the area of affordable housing.

    The solution?

    Use quick build technology. Adopt metal prefab buildings for estates.

    This technology will ensure that estates spring up fast to address the housing need in cities like Lagos Nigeria and other cities in Nigeria that are densely populated.

    Deploying the use of metal homes (or manufactured homes) in grassroot development will ensure that development reach the people faster.

    Real estate investors can also benefit from the quick build technology of modular homes. It means that they can . . .

  • build faster
  • at reduced cost and
  • recoup their investment faster

    Now the big question . . . how quickly can quick build metal homes be ready for habitation?

    Metal homes can be ready for shipment to the customer's preferred location within three weeks of confirmation of payment. And the metal home can be assembled quickly and up within 2-3 weeks depending on the design.

    Can you beat that!

    Want to impact the community in a special way?

    Invest in quick build homes.

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