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Portable buildings Lagos Nigeria - Portable homes are gradually beginning to surface in Lagos Nigeria and key cities, towns and villages all over Nigeria.

What is driving the surge in the number of portable buildings?

There are two key reasons:

1. Building materials for portable homes are now readily available in Nigeria

2. The expertise for this kind of manufactured homes is growing and

3. Knowledge about the product is growing because of the increasing marketing efforts of mobile homes and portable cabin

At this point it makes sense to define portable buildings.

So, what is the definition of a portable home or building?

The term 'portable home' (or building) is often used loosely by millions of people. For most people it means a small family home that cost little to build . . . an affordable or inexpensive building.

But technically, that is not the true definition of portable buildings.

In home design terms, a portable building is a building that is movable . . . a building that is manufactured in a factory and either assembled in the factory and delivered as a whole unit or assembled at the customer site.

In effect, the following building types can be classified as portable homes:

1. Mobile homes

2. Portable cabins

3. Modular homes

. . . and prefab buildings in general.


Because they are all movable homes.

Key Benefits of Portable Homes

The key benefits of portable buildings should be obvious from the discussion above. See the list below in case you have not figured it out just yet.

Benefits include:

1. Ability to relocate the building when you change jobs

This means that if you have a house in the mainland area of Lagos Nigeria when you were working on the mainland but then got a juicier job somewhere on the island, you can relocate your house from the mainland to the island area of Lagos without necessarily having to become a tenant again.

Cool, right?

This is even smarter when you think of job transfer from one state to another.

For example, suppose you use to work in Port Harcourt but have now been transferred to Lagos at short notice. This transfer would require you to rent an apartment in Lagos Nigeria and pay two years upfront rent plus 20 percent agency and legal fee.

This could be a heavy burden if your new office is on the island and you prefer to live on the island.

Guess what.

You will have less to worry about if you have a portable home you can relocate to Lagos. The only costs you will incur will be transportation cost and the cost of mobile homes park.

2. Ability to redesign the building at minimum cost

Portable buildings are assembled from prefabricated engineering materials. This means that they can be easily disabled and certain parts removed and modified.

This means that if you want to redesign your home any time in the future, you don't have to break down walls and incur a lot of cost in the process.

With portable homes you can easily . . .

  • change your house design
  • add addition rooms
  • expand existing rooms
  • expand existing utilities

    . . . and generally remodel you home any how you like.

    You can even change the position or orientation of the entire building in relation to the land available.

    You can move the building backward, forward, to the left, to the right, or change the angle altogether.

    That is the beauty of portable buildings!

    3. Good Temperature Control

    Portable accommodations are built with sandwich panels comprising two sheets of metal with polyurethane insulation in-between them.

    The steel material ensures that the building is solid and can withstand wear and tear while the polyurethane insulation ensures that temperatures within the cabin is control.

    In comparison, a steel container is usually steaming hot especially in temperate countries like Nigeria. But you will find that portakabins or portable homes are usually cool on the inside compared to other forms of buildings.

    This is one more reason to choose portable cabins.

    4. Low Acquisition Cost

    Portable homes are much cheaper than block built homes for the same quality of finish and workmanship.

    Visit the portable cabins values section for comparison of price differences.

    Portable Building Dealer

    Are you looking for portable cabin or portakabin dealer?

    Don't look any further.


    Simple. We are portable home dealers.

    We take clients through the building designs and then agree the design layout with the client.

    Thereafter, the billing team comes up with the cost associated with the particular building plan. Once the financing is sorted out, construction starts as per the specifications of the client.

    Guess what.

    We deliver according to the time plan agreed with the client.

    Ready to own a state-of-the-art portable house?

    Simply request a quote.

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