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Building contractors guide Lagos Nigeria - This building contractor guide provides free contractor tips as well as a free directory of construction contractors in Nigeria. This helps you make the right choice when it comes to engaging construction contractors.

Wait. What is the advantage of using a construction contractor?

Well, one of the key advantage of using a construction contractor is that you outsource the building project to the contractor.

This enables you to concentrate on your core business and not worry about every inch of the building project. That becomes the business of the building contractors you have engaged to manage the project.

The truth is . . . building projects consume time and resources. And they require some level of expertise to achieve the right results. If you decide against using building contractors, if you decide to monitor your building project yourself, then be prepared to sacrifice your business time.

The question is . . . what is your time worth to you?

If you're at a building site monitoring what's going on when you should be closing a deal for a major cheque, then it's likely that you have misplaced priorities.

The building project is already gulping money. You now want to unnecessarily increase that overall building cost by adding your expensive time to the resources available for the project. And what results are you likely to get?

Why don't you leave the construction work to experts while you concentrate on doing what you know how to do best?

Okay, now you understand why you should use the services of construction contractors. But how do you choose a building contractor? What do you watch out for?

Building Contractor Selection Guidelines

There are three key factors to watch out for when choosing a contractor to handle your building project.

1. The qualification of the managing partner and his crew

Obviously, you're considering hiring a construction contractor because you want the building . . .

  • built to specification
  • built to architectural standards
  • built to high level of finish and
  • built with a touch of expertise
  • That is why you're hiring experts to do the job. So, the very least you expect is that the building construction contractors you intend to hire should have the right qualification to deliver the right standards.

    2. The Experience of The Construction Company

    Major building projects consume a lot of money. I suppose you know that already.

    Consequently, you don't want to hand this huge project to a newbie or someone with little or no experience.

    Therefore, you should be interested in the experience level of the contractor and his crew.

    What projects have they handled successfully prior to this time? Did they deliver on budget, on time, and on the specifications?

    What is their client base? Whom have they worked for that they are confident will recommend them because of their good work?

    It's a smart idea to examine previous work done by a construction company before engaging their services to build your dream home.

    3. Reputation of The Company

    Some people say reputation is everything . . . and rightly so.

    No matter how highly qualified and experienced a construction company or its staff are, all of that will count for nothing if they are good at . . .

  • Poor customer service
  • Poor finishing and
  • Dishonest business practices

    Reputation counts. So, do due diligence in this regard before signing on that highly qualified company.

    Use of Contractors Versus Cost

    It's obvious that not everyone can engage contractors to execute their building projects because of associated cost.

    Besides, many building construction contractors don't accept small building projects unless they are really small-time contractors.

    Nevertheless, there are many young engineers who have had good experience with building projects. You can employ one of these young engineers as your site engineer to monitor and supervise you building project.

    The presence of this young chap with engineering biase and building experience could save you a lot of money in terms of materials usage control, waste reduction, and quality of work.

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