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Mobile homes guide Lagos Nigeria - Once upon a time it was impossible to relocate a home. In fact, millions of homes or buildings across Nigeria (and the world) are still immovable. They are fixed, permanent.

However, the beauty of mobile homes is that they can be moved or relocated to whatever (new) destination the home owner wishes to move to. Therefore they are particularly suited for people who are constantly on the move or people who plan to relocate their home at some time in the future.

Wait. What is the difference between a mobile house and a portable cabins or portakabin?

A lot of people use the terms interchangeably but, technically, they are not the same.

Here's the difference.

Mobile homes are movable homes or relocatable homes that are built on their own chassis and wheels whereas portable cabins are built on a steel base that do not have wheels attached.

In simple words . . . mobile houses have wheels and chassis while portakabins don't have them.

This fundamental difference becomes significant when it is time for mobile home transport and portable cabin transport.

The next natural question: "what situations require the use of mobile homes?"

The first situation that comes to mind is the one mentioned in the first paragraph above.

A person that is constantly on the move can get a mobile apartment.

For example, if you're a tourist moving from city to city within a country, a mobile apartment will work just fine for you.

Why a mobile house?

Well, as you move from place to place within a city or country, you will need facilities like . . .

  • a kitchen to cook your meals
  • a bathroom to take your bath
  • a toilet wherein you can answer the "call of nature" when it beckons and
  • a comfortable bed to sleep on

    All of these facilities are available in mobile houses.

    The same applies to an employee who has a plot of land on, say, the mainland area of Lagos but works in the island area of Lagos.

    Due to certain circumstances, he decide he's done with being a tenant. He wants to move to his own apartment, his own house.

    Unfortunately, his commute from the mainland Lagos where his house is to Lagos Island where he works is killing him.

    In effect, if he builds a house on the mainland, he probably wouldn't live in it beyond 2 years max. He will eventually have to relocate to Lagos Island. At that time his house in Lagos Mainland will not be of service to him anymore.

    What should he do?

    Simple. He should buy one of the many mobile homes sold by mobile home dealers in Lagos Nigeria. So when he finally secures a plot of land in Lagos Island, he can relocate the entire building to his new land on the island.

    Other uses of mobile homes include usage as . . .

  • mobile office
  • mobile advert trucks
  • mobile product trial trucks
  • mobile sales trucks
  • mobile clinics
  • mobile work sites (e.g. construction workers)

    . . . and any situation that requires that the residential areas be movable or relocatable.

    Mobile Houses And Costs

    The truth is . . . a lot of Nigerians are still not familiar with how mobile houses work. The concept of movable homes is something that is still new to our culture.

    However, mobile apartments can only get more and more popular as more and more mobile apartment manufacturers and dealers flood Nigeria with compelling ads that force people to stop and pay attention.

    If you do not yet fully grasp the value of having a mobile house, re-read this article and visit the links above that expatiate on the benefits of mobile houses.

    If you fully understand the benefits of using mobile apartments, take advantage of the cost benefits this site offers by exploring the mobile home values section of this site.

    Need well-built cost effective mobile apartments?

    Click HERE to request a quote.

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