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portable metal buildings lagos nigeria africa

Portable metal buildings guide Lagos Nigeria - The use of the term "metal buildings" may sound strange to some. "Why on earth will anyone want to live in prefab metal buildings?", they wonder.

However, the reality is this . . .

Portable metal buildings can be very comfortable and cozy. And they have some really great advantages.

For example, prefab metal buildings can cost about 20-30 percent less than a regular block built building, the kind of buildings that many Nigerians are familiar with.

Besides, portable metal buildings are quick built buildings that can be manufactured in the factory and ready for installation in as little as three weeks. That means that your house, the complete house, can be ready for you to move into in just 4 weeks.


That is record time to build a house!

Sure, it is. And that is one of the many reasons future oriented individuals and organizations are moving towards prefab metal buildings.

However, irrespective of what individuals, families, and organizations are doing, you may still have concerns about the viability of portable metal buildings.

Your concern may stem from the fact that you have had some experience with metal buildings, like containers, in the past.

prefab metal buildings lagos nigeria africa

If you're someone who have worked in an office that uses metal shipping containers as office buildings, you may have been stunned at the amount of heat you have to deal or endure every day at work.

Sure, you may have some sort of air-conditioning in your office. But what happens when our very unreliable PHCN (Power Holding Company of Nigeria), the electricity company, knocks of your electricity supply?

Naturally, you will put on your generator.

The bad news is that many organizations do not fancy using their air conditioners when running their generators because they believe it quickly wears their generator down.

So, what do you do when you're in an containerized office and electricity goes off?

You endure it.

Now, if you have had this kind of nasty experience in Lagos Nigeria or anywhere else in Nigeria, you may be vehemently opposed to your organization or your acquaintance investing in prefab metal buildings.

The reason?

Simple. You now believe that all metal buildings retain heat and are extremely hot "hell hole" . . . the kind of environment sane humans should find themselves!

I appreciate how you feel. But then it's because you have not experienced the power of portable metal buildings.

In simple words . . . prefab metal buildings are far far different from shipping containers.

What's the difference.

Well, shipping containers use straight metal that conduct heat rapidly. So, when the tropical blazing sun hit the container, all of the heat is transmitted into the container. And the container becomes so hot that you can get basically "roasted".

However, the situation is different with portable metal containers.

Portable or prefab metal containers use two sheet of steel separated by an insulator. This insulator prevents the heat from the super hot Nigerian sun from penetrating the walls of the portable cabins or portable metal buildings.

Therefore when you enter into a portakabin or prefab metal buildings, you experience a coolness different from the heat outside.

No wonder prefab buildings have gained widespread acceptable in developed economies!

Therefore, whatever the nasty experience you have had with metal containers, don't let it stop you from enjoying the comfort of portable cabins, modular homes, and prefab homes.

Ready to invest in prefab metal buildings?

Want quick built portable metal buildings that will surprise your community, and meet your needs?

Simply request a quote.

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