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Cost of Building A House Lagos Nigeria - Building Costs Guide. Free Tips.

Cost of building a house in Lagos Nigeria - When discussing real estate investing with clients, sooner or later the question of building costs will arise.

Therefore, I have created this page to help site visitors evaluate the cost of building a house in Lagos Nigeria so they have basic information even before they have a chance to speak with me one-on-one.

Let me mention this upfront.

Building costs vary from building type to building type and even within the same category of buildings depending on the features included in the building and the quality of finish dictated by the taste of the property owner.

For example, the cost of building a house that is a 3 bedroom bungalow with all rooms ensuite is different from the cost of building a bungalow that has one ensuite bedroom and one toilet and bath shared by the other two bedrooms.

In the same vein, the cost of building a 3 bedroom bungalow with . . .

  • all rooms ensuite
  • all rooms having floor tiles
  • kitchen walls tiled wall-to-wall
  • all rooms with POP ceiling and
  • entire premises of the building with paved stones

 . . . will be different from a 3 bedroom bungalow with . . .

  • all rooms ensuite
  • only master bedroom with floor tiles
  • only floor of kitchen tiled
  • regular asbestos ceilings in all rooms and
  • No paved stones in house premises
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The building cost associated with a building project is dependent on . . .

  • the building design
  • the height (2, 3, 4, or 10 floors)
  • the type of roof specified
  • the size of the entire building (the square metres it occupies)
  • the type of ceiling specified
  • the type of window specified
  • the type of doors specified
  • the type of keys specified
  • the type and make of gate specified
  • the type of floor specified
  • the type of security systems specified
  • the facilities specified (e.g. swimming pool, lawn tennis court etc)

Bottom line.

Every additional stuff you add to the building will increase the building costs. And the those little stuff could significantly increase the cost beyond what the cost of building a house in that category is.

For instance, the cost of building a house with marble floor in all the rooms (including living room and dining area) and with bullet proof doors all the way, will be significantly different from the cost of building the same house with regular tiles and regular wooden doors.

I suppose the point is pretty clear by now.

Building Cost For A Regular
3 Bedroom Bungalow

Since most people who ask about building costs are regular people with regular taste, I have put together the cost of building a regular 3 bedroom bungalow with regular rooms and regular features.

Please note that this is just a guide.

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In fact, you may be a good negotiator and buy building materials at much cheaper prices and therefore build at a budget that is less than discussed here.

Alternatively, property prices may have risen beyond the level considered in this article and so you may have to pay higher.

Consequently, your building cost will be far higher.

Whatever the case, remember that this is just a guide. Use your own judgment. And, of course, use common sense.

ITEM >>>>>>>>>> PRICE

Foundation - - - 800,000

Building (Up to Roof Level) - - - 1,600,000

Roofing - - - 1,000,000

Ceiling - - - 600,000

Windows (Aluminum) - - - 130,000

Finishing - - - - - 1,500,000

Fence - - - - -- 400,000

Flooring Of Premises - 250,000

Total - - - -- - - - =N= 6,280,000

P.S: This does not include the cost of buying land as land for sale prices vary from location to location.

P.P.S: Want to build a house super fast? I recommend you use a trustworthy construction company.

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