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mobile home dealers lagos nigeria africa

Mobile home dealers guide Lagos Nigeria - Product dealers are manufacturers representatives who are registered by major companies to market and distribute their products.

I am pleased to inform you that Seamless Solutions and its CEO, Samson Itoje (author of this site), are registered mobile home dealers with one of the pioneer mobile home construction companies in Nigeria.

As mobile and modular home dealers and manufacturers representative, we offer . . .

  • Prefab homes for sale
  • Portable cabins (or portakabins) for sale
  • Shipping containers for sale
  • Mobile homes for sale and
  • Modular homes for sale

    So, if you need mobile homes, modular homes, or portable cabins (portakabins), we're the people to talk to.

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    Manufacturers Versus Product Dealers

    mobile home dealer lagos nigeria africa

    You may wonder why you should do business with a mobile home dealer when you can go to the mobile home construction company and attempt to order directly from them.

    If you think that way, you're not alone. There are hundreds of customers who would love to do that. They believe they can get a better deal if they deal with the company directly.

    That raises the question . . . why do manufacturing companies use dealers or distributors?

    There are two key reasons why they do.

    Reason 1: Wider Coverage And Bigger Sales

    Using product dealers or distributors helps manufacturing companies to reach more and more people within their target market. Consequently, they sell more when they use dealers or distributors.

    Think of it this way.

    If a manufacturing company tries to sell its products all by itself, it will have to . . .

  • employ more people
  • increase its labour cost
  • increase its operating cost
  • complicate its logistics

    . . . and generally make spend more money while making less sales.

    But with hundreds of distributors and mobile home dealers selling the companies products everywhere, in the nook and cranny of every possible market in the country, the company . . .

  • achieves greater market penetration for its products
  • spend less on advertising as the different mobile home dealers will spend their own money on advertising
  • achieves its lean manufacturing objectives
  • employ less people
  • spend less on transportation
  • achieve higher levels of productivity

    . . . and generally make money and become more profitable.

    Want to deal directly with a mobile home manufacturer?

    You will be shocked because most will refer you to a mobile home dealer near you.


    It's common sense.

    When mobile home construction companies defend the business of their mobile and modular home dealers, the dealers make profit, their business model becomes profitable. Consequently, they will spend more advertising Naira and dollar in promoting the manufacturer's business.

    2. Less People To Deal With

    When mobile home manufacturers effectively use mobile home dealers and modular home dealers to promote their products, they limit the number of people they have to deal with.

    For example, suppose a manufacturing company has about 100,000 customers. If this company does not have any distributors or dealers, then the company has to explore enough staff to manage this crowd. And that will cost the company money that should have gone to the profit line.

    Now imagine that a similar company has about 400 dealers nationwide. Each dealer will deal with about 250 customers. And since each dealer covers a region within its territory, the dealers are likely to provide better customer satisfaction since they are located nearer to the customer than the manufacturer.

    Besides, each mobile home dealer will employ its own customer service and technical employees. This saves the company from taking on this burden.

    A good example of a company that uses dealers or distributors effectively is Nigeria Bottling company (NBC), bottlers of the Coca Cola brand in Nigeria.

    You will be surprised to know that thousands of trucks branded with the Coca Cola ads and moving the products form place to place and city to city are not actually owned by NBC. They are owned by distributors.

    Have you ever tried going to NBC office to buy Cola Cola drink?

    Most likely, they will refer you to a distributor or a wholesaler.

    Yes, they bottle Cola Cola but they are not in the business of selling Cola Cola. Selling the product is the job of distributors, wholesalers, and retailers.

    Get the point?

    Reason 3: Freedom To Focus On Core Business

    When a manufacturing company free itself from the business of selling, it frees up resources that can be deplored into growing the core business of the company . . . the business of developing products that meet the changing needs of its customers.

    The company will then have more money to deplore towards . . .

  • New product research and development
  • Upgrade of manufacturing facilities
  • Improved employee training and selection processes
  • Better financial management
  • Sharpening its route to market
  • Dealer training and empowerment

    . . . and generally to become industry leader by continuously evolving.

    Want to buy a mobile home, portable cabin, or modular home from a trustworthy mobile home dealer?

    No, problem. We are here to serve you.

    Simply request a quote.

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