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Mobile office guide Lagos Nigeria - Mobile homes have various uses. The first obvious use is as a residential unit, a family home. That is why they are called mobile homes or mobile apartments.

Another great use of mobile apartments is as office units. In this case, they are referred to as mobile office.

What are the benefits of office units that are mobile?

First, they allow sales men and women to sell in bulk to their target market in different locations especially in cases where they use direct marketing.

Direct marketing as used here refers to situations where sales people position their sales truck in busy locations and then offer the goods they have for sale to the hundreds of passersby who take that particular route.

This is a classical example of spots where mobile offices are especially useful.

These busy locations are usually hot business spots but since they are also high traffic spots, fixed immovable structures are not allowed. Therefore, using a mobile office is just perfect for those locations.

In fact, to sell in those locations your trucks have to be specifically built narrow to ensure it does not obstruct traffic.

Wait. Can't your sales people sell in those locations without necessarily using a mobile unit?

Of course, they can.

But what amount of product can a salesperson carry on his backpack?

Very little, right?

But with a mobile office nearby, your salespeople can re-stock their backpack as they present your company's products to the hundreds of people who pass through these busy spots daily.

Examples of business people who have used the mobile truck or office unit really well in Lagos Nigeria include:

1. Bread sellers

These sales people visit their preferred bakery and order large stock of freshly baked bread. Then they pick a hot spot where there is high traffic and drive their mobile units loaded with fresh bread to that spot. Within a few hours, they have sold off all of their stock.

2. Ice Cream Sellers

Ice cream sellers in Lagos Nigeria often use ice cream trucks that are actually buses adapted to serve as mobile ice cream trucks. Even though these are not typical mobile offices, they serve the purpose.

What is the purpose?

Well, ice cream merchants and distributors wish to reach the largest audience possible because the larger the audience they reach, the more they sell.

Unfortunately, trucks often used are lower than human height. And the sales people have to bend to carry out their functions. A mobile home office solves that problem.

3. Mobile Distributors

Sales people for large organizations in Nigeria usually drive sales vans around the city and neighbouring towns to reach more and more people who need the products they offer.

It is typical to hear sales directors talk about elaborate market penetration efforts by their companies. At the end of their eloquent speech, they will land at the core beast they wish to tackle . . . insufficient vehicles for salesmen.

In fact, one marketing director even proposed to his MD that the company should buy Jeeps for sales people in order for them to penetrate the hitherto untapped markets in local neighbourhoods with tough terrain.

Think about it.

A typical Jeep cost about five million Naira. How many jeeps do you think the company will have to buy to penetrate the local communities? How about the maintenance cost?

What percentage jump in sales volume is expected to pay for the added cost and before generating profit on the extra sales volume achieved due to the increase in company cars?

The sales director is taking an expensive gamble.

Here is a cheaper option.

Use a cheap transport mode that is already effortlessly penetrating local communities that have rough terrain. Then match that with a mobile office structure that seats on the transport system

Combine the two and you will have a formidable product distribution system that is both effective and guaranteed to deliver success.

Benefits of The Mobile Home Office

A second, and common, use of mobile home office is as a mobile clinic.

The section on mobile clinic provides full detail on how this works.

However, it will suffice to say here that a mobile clinic is a full fledged mobile office with all the facilities available in a mobile home. And with properly sized wheels and drive-head it can be very effective in accomplishing the purpose for which it is intended.

Benefits of a mobile home office include:

1. Ability to change location as many times as you wish per day

2. Ability to reach different segments of your target market

3. Ability to move large stock of goods at a time

4. Ability to penetrate local communities with whatever you sell

5. Presence of modern facilities within the mobile office unit

Want to reach more communities with your products?

Adopt use of a mobile home office as part of your marketing strategy.

P.S: Need a mobile home office? Simply request a quote.

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