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Mobile home parks Lagos Nigeria - Would you like to own a house and not worry about the high cost of buying land especially in prime locations like Lekki, Victoria Island, and VGC?

Did I hear you say, "that will be lovely!"

Well, now it is possible to own a lovely home, your own home, in these areas without having to pay through your nose for a plot of land. How?

It's possible with the combination of mobile home and mobile home parks.

Mobile homes give you the flexibility of being able to move or relocate your home whenever you desire to do so and to whatever location you wish to.

This means that you can change your surroundings when you feel like it.


But wait. Where would you relocate the mobile home or portable home to?

To a mobile home park or to an estate that has a section dedicated to mobile homes.

Mobile home parks? What is that?

This is a park where mobile home owners can park their mobile houses, just like parking a car, and enjoy all the freedom they desire for a token fee . . . the park fee.

The other option is to buy a plot of land and move your mobile home to that location. But the necessity to buy a plot of land takes away from the beauty of having a mobile home.

The idea of having a mobile home is the flexibility of being able to move without looking back. Having to buy the plot of land before you can park your mobile home offsets the cost benefit they housing type offers.

Are there mobile home parks in Lagos Nigeria?

Most likely, there are even though they may not necessarily be referred as such.

The thing is this . . . the use of mobile housing units as residential units is not very popular in Lagos Nigeria yet. And this lack of popularity is not limited to Lagos alone.

All over Nigeria, mobile homes are yet to become part of everyday society. Of course, there are expatriates and widely traveled individuals in Nigeria who understand the benefits associated with deploying mobile homes as residential units. But the country is still generally far from being awash with mobile homes.

However, things are changing rapidly.

The mobile home manufacturing companies and mobile home dealers are taking the slogan deeper and deeper to key players in the industry. The message is clear . . .

"Use mobile homes! It's the solution to all the headaches you currently have. Enjoy the freedom of being able to move when you want to!"

As the mobile home construction companies in Nigeria produce thousands of mobile houses and dealers sell off these mobile home units, the need for mobile home parks will become increasing clear to real estate investors.

Guess what.

Parks for mobile homes will beginning to appear gradually. And sooner or later, it will become the norm.

A Note For Real Estate Investors

mobile home dealer lagos nigeria africa

The mobile home industry is growing in Nigeria. Already people are calling for parks in estates and other prime locations dedicated to mobile homes.

Would you like to be a player?

You should.

Mobile home parks generate good rental revenue for their owners. And since people want a place they can easily park, transact business and move on, you could make a killing from building parks for mobile houses.

Here are two things to note about such parks.

Mobile homes are full-fledged houses with toilet facilities, kitchen and electrical fittings. Therefore, a park must have quick fit systems that can easily be connected to the toilets, kitchen sinks, and electricity feed units of these mobile homes.

The second thing to remember about mobile homes is that the typical mobile house seats on his own wheels and chassis unlike portable cabins (or portakabins) that do not have wheels. Therefore, the the park should have hard floor for driving.

In fact, if properly planned moble home park should have a network of roads plus beautiful green grass to add beauty to the environment.

Remember that soon, mobile apartment parks will be everywhere like it is in developed economies. So, if you wish to compete, build an appealing and compelling park.

For starters, estate developers can devote a few plots in every estate they build to mobile apartment parks to gauge the viability of the market.

As a premium mobile home dealer, I can tell you that this is the next big thing to hit the Nigeria real estate market in the coming years.

Take yoru position. Be prepared!

P.S: Want to buy a mobile home, portakabin, or modular home? No, problem. Click HERE to request a quote.

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