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Portable toilet trailer Lagos Nigeria - Millions of people all over the world and all over Nigeria already appreciate the value of portable toilets or mobile toilets (often referred to as mobile restrooms). And they can tell you straight away what the benefits of these mobile facilities are when you have one at your event.

Millions of people will also tell you that they have attended marriage ceremonies, musical shows, luncheons, and other such events where portable toilet trailers were missing and where the toilet facilities (or conveniences) present were over-crowded.

The attendees of such events will also tell you the impact on the audience of that situation and how it negatively affected the participants and the reputation of the organizers.

Let's face it.

Renting or buying a portable toilet trailer or mobile toilets for events is the least thing on the mind of event organizers. Instead, they worry about . . .

  • the food
  • the DJ
  • the music
  • the show girls and ushers
  • the chairs
  • the sitting arrangement
  • the IV distribution
  • the guest list
  • the cake
  • the transportation
  • the lighting
  • the size of the hall
  • the size of the car park
  • the VIP seats

    . . . and everything else except the number of toilet vis a vis the number of attendees expected.

    Guess what.

    That often back fires in their faces. Such organizers often feel embarrassed when they see invitees milling around the out-numbered toilet facilities and cursing the event organizers under the breath.

    Believe me, it's not a pleasant sight at all.

    The solution?

    Make provision for a sizeable number of portable toilet trailer when organizing any event or show.

    Another thing.

    Don't go for just any portable toilets.

    Order mobile toilets that reflect your status and reputation. Order executive portable toilets that highlight your taste, class, and style.

    Portable Restrooms On Wheels

    You probably may have noticed that I have repeatedly emphasized the use of "portable toilet trailer" and not just the use of mobile toilets. What is the difference?

    In simple words . . . a mobile toilet trailer is a mobile toilet on wheels, a toilet that has its own chassis and wheels.

    This means that the toilet is off the ground and does not need a platform to stay at an elevated height. It also means that it's not fixed in one location. So you can change its position in relation to the site where the event is being held, if you need to re-organize the venue in some other way.

    Here are three more things to remember about portable toilets on wheels.

    First, you can move it from event to event, from city to city, or even state to state.

    Second, it is portable.

    What does that mean?

    It simply means that it is a portable building. That is, it is a kind of prefab homes assembled from prefabricated parts built in an engineering manufacturing plant. So, it can be disassembled and re-assembled.

    Third, it has all the features of portable cabins (or portakabins).

    The interior is cool since it is built from sandwich panels, which have insulating material in-between. And it is executive, beautiful, and stylish.

    Thinking of buying one of those plastic mobile toilets?

    Well, think again!

    Order a portable toilet trailer and your guests will love you for it.

    You will be the "talk of town". And gossip columnists will rave about the sense of style at your party . . . the sense of class and style made you deploy health-conscious world-class toilet facilities for use at your party.

    Obviously, you're not a guy or lady that settles for second best. So, prove it. Be your self.


    Take the first step. Request a quote.

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