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Investing ideas Lagos Nigeria - Investing is a popular concept and so there is no shortage of ideas and investment opportunities from different quarters. Hopefully, this page will enrich you one way or another.

The investing ideas discussed in this page are ideas you can easily implement right here in Lagos Nigeria or anywhere else you live in Nigeria.

Let's start by listing these investment opportunities or ideas.

Opportunities to invest include:

1. Nigeria Stock market investing

2. Online business investing

3. Offline business investing

4. Real estate investing

This website is primarily a Nigeria real estate website. Therefore there is plenty of real estate investing ideas already covered in different sections of this Lagos Nigeria real estate website.

The real estate investment opportunities discussed on this site include:
  • investing for retirement
  • investing for income
  • investing in rental property
  • commercial real estate investing and
  • creative real estate investing

    All the links above take you to specific pages on this site that drill deep into the business of real estate investing. You will find solid unbiased information in these pages.

    What about Nigeria stock market investing?

    It's also one of those investing ideas that can be considered a profitable investment opportunity.

    The last paragraph above may sound odd to you if you have followed the stories highlighting losses in the Nigeria stock market or if you have personally lost money in the stock market.

    But think about it.

    Some people also lost money in the Lagos Nigeria real estate market because of falling prices, especially prices for properties in the island areas of Lagos Nigeria.

    For example, some people bought 900sqm land in Lekki phase 1 for as much as 95 million Naira around 2007/early 2008. But as at the time of this writing, that same size of land sells for about 60 million Naira.

  • Can you see the huge loss?

    Does this mean that people should not invest in real estate anymore? Does it mean that it is not profitable to invest in real estate?


    Actually, it will be detrimental to conclude that real estate is bad business because the global economic meltdown hit you hard.

    The truth is . . . when there is a recession, it affects all facets of the economy. Yes, some areas may be worse hit than others. But it happens.

    What do you do when it happens?

    You learn from the events and move on.

    Think about it.

    While some people are weeping about their loss in the stock market, others are still buying stocks daily. These investors, new and experienced, are taking advantage of the low prices to invest.

    For these people, stock market investing is still one of those smart investing ideas of the century.

    The same applies to real estate investing.

    While you may have lost money on the properties you bought in Lekki, I assure you that real estate investing is still one of those smart investment opportunities around.

    People are still making money from real estate investing!

    You can be one of them.

    About Online Investing

    I prefer risk-free or low risk investments.

    Consequently, the online investing ideas I share on this investing website are ideas that will ensure you won't lose money.

    That is why this Nigeria investment website does not discuss online forex investing in detail because it's a volatile investment opportunity. You can lose thousands of dollars in one day, if you're not a master of the game.

    So, what online investing ideas do I recommend?

    I highly recommend you build a theme-based website just like this one.

    By definition, a theme-based website (also called a content rich website) is a business or hobby website that focuses on one subject and provides super useful information on that subject to the point that it is a valuable online resource.

    Google Inc. describes that kind of website as a website that "does one thing and does it well".

    These kind of theme-based sites add value to the world wide web. And when you build that kind of content rich website, you truly help your customers . . . you provide what customers seek. In return, customers provide what you seek . . . cash, hard cash.

    The guide to online investing sheds more light on this.

    I highly recommend you follow the advice in that guide.

    Bottom line.

    Online investing opportunities are the future . . . they are investing ideas that will help you create passive income (like the Google adsense income you hear so much about) and be self-sustaining even after retirement.

    Offline Business Opportunities

    Offline business opportunities are businesses that are NOT done through the internet. And these investment opportunities or business opportunities abound.

    Nevertheless, business can generally be classified into four categories. And they are:

    1. Manufacturing business

    2. Distributorship business

    3. Retail business and

    4. Service business

    The ebook, "How To Build A One Billion Naira Business With Small Capital - The Secrets of The Rich Exposed!" explains these business types in detail including how to profit from them.

    I recommend you read that ebook.

    Another helpful resource is the ebook, "How To Earn One Million Naira Per Month - The Secret To Financial Freedom Revealed!"

    This second ebook analyzes five business options and shows you how to earn one million Naira per month every month by applying the strategies contained in the book.

    What does it cost?

    The ebook, "How To Build A One Billion Naira Business With Small Capital - The Secrets of The Rich Exposed!" cost just $29 USD

    . . . whereas the ebook . . .

    "How To Earn One Million Naira Per Month - The Secret To Financial Freedom Revealed!" cost just $27 USD.

    Click HERE to order the "How To Build A One Billion Naira Business" ebook

    Click HERE to order the "How To Earn One Million Naira Per Month" ebook.

    Guess what.

    If you're passionate about growing your income and want to access the investing ideas in these ebooks right away by ordering both ebooks, I will give you a straight 20 percent discount.

    This means that you will only pay $44.8 USD instead of $56 USD.

    This is a bargain!

    Click HERE to order both ebooks and get 20 percent discount.

    100 Percent 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

    The investing ideas and investment opportunities discussed in this ebooks will get you thinking in new directions.

    These ebooks provide a fresh perspective on business and investing. And I am absolutely sure you will be blown away by the contents.

    To tell you how absolutely sure I am, I am offering you a 100 percent money back guarantee.

    Here it is.

    When you buy these ebooks and read them, if you're not satisfied with the contents, simply return them and request a refund any time within 30 days after your purchase.

    I will promptly refund you 100% . . . No questions asked.

    Believe me, your life will change for the better after reading these ebooks.

    Order risk-free using the links below.

    Click HERE to order the "How To Earn One Million Naira Per Month" ebook.

    Click HERE to order the "How To Build A One Billion Naira Business" ebook

    Click HERE to order both ebooks and get 20 percent discount.

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