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Creative real estate investing guide Lagos Nigeria - This Nigeria real estate investing guide provides free real estate investing ideas to help you get the most from your Nigeria property.

For starters, what is creative real estate investing?

Creative property investing (or real estate investing) is the process of exploring and implementing smart ways of investing in Nigeria property in order to increase the individual's return on his real estate investment.

What this means in practice is that you spend about the same amount of money to buy a house (or build a house ) different from what you originally had in mind because this new property type has the potential to yield greater return on your investment than if you invest the money in the property type you originally had in mind.

The possible increase in return on your real estate investment is the attraction for investing time to understand creative real estate investing.

Let's be honest here.

The basic reason why people invest in real estate in Lagos Nigeria and virtually everywhere else in Nigeria and the world is to generate income. In simple words . . . people invest in property to grow their income.

For example, everyone have the opportunity to open a savings account and continually save money in the account month after month. Everyone also have the opportunity to transfer a sizable part of their savings from their savings account into a fixed deposit account in order to increase the return on their savings.

For instance, many commercial banks in Nigeria offer 2-3 percent return on savings account. On the other hand, the same banks offer 3-6 percent interest on fixed deposit accounts, the percentage offered depending on the duration of the fixed deposit.

So, it's better to keep huge sums in fixed deposit accounts instead of savings accounts because of the expected higher return on the amount lodged in fixed deposit accounts.

Now the big question . . . why do a lot of people prefer to invest the money in real estate instead?

There are two key reasons:

1. Real estate investing delivers a higher return on your investment than what banks can ever give you. You can easily get 10-20 percent growth in investment year or year. That is about four (4) times what any bank in Nigeria is willing to give you for the same amount of money deposited with them. And you get more when you deploy creative real estate investing strategies discussed here

2. Your real estate investment is a secure investment. It is real. It is solid. On the other hand, a bank can fail any time. When a bank fails, what happens? The Nigeria deposit insurance has a maximum of 50,000 Naira payable to depositors irrespective of their losses. So, if you have 10 million Naira in a failed bank, you get 50,000 Naira back from the insurance company. (Research updated info on this data).

That is disaster!

My advice?

Don't tie down huge sums of money in fixed deposit accounts. Buy a house instead.

If the money is sizable, buy an estate or a mini-estate. The annual rent the property will generate is further proof that Nigeria real estate investing is prime investment.

Creative Property Investing Strategies

Creative property investing strategies include:

1. Investing in self contain or one bedroom apartment buildings

2. Investing in estate development

3. Investing in LSDPC estates

4. Investing in short-let apartments or furnished vacation apartments or vacation rentals

5. Investing in block of flats

6. Investing in shopping malls

7. Investing in luxury and serviced apartments

The book, Investment Property Strategies - 7 Proven Strategies To Make Money With Nigeria Real Estate Investing breaks down these creative real estate investing strategies down in simple to understand language. It even provides practical examples to drive the point home.

Want to deploy creative property investing strategies to increase your return on your Nigeria property investment?

Follow the advice above. And read the book mentioned above. It's a great eye opener.

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