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Apartment leasing guide Lagos Nigeria - Leasing an apartment in Lagos Nigeria involves paying the required rent and associated fees as well as meeting any additional requirements imposed by the property owner.

The apartment lease process can be summarized as follows:

1. Contact a trustworthy real estate agent

2. Define what you want and your budget in the agent's KYC (Know Your Customer) or property request form

3. Follow up with the estate agent to tour available apartments for rent that meet your specification

4. Visit the property owner along with the Lagos Nigeria real estate agent to be sure you're not be scammed

5. Discuss the terms of the lease with the property owner

6. Ask for a copy of the apartment leasing agreement that you will be required to sign after payment for the apartment. Scrutinize this to see if there are any 'fine print' or legal clauses that may be objectionable.

7. Verify that the person shown to you as the owner is really the property owner by speaking with existing tenants or neighbours

8. Pay the apartment leasing amount or rent to the approved bank account, ideally the bank account of the property owner.

9. Collect the apartment keys and a signed copy of the lease agreement

10. Collect the landlord's receipt

11. Pay the estate agents involved their estate agent commission

12. Clean up the apartment and do whatever else is appropriate before you move in

13. Move into the apartment and enjoy your money's worth

Renting An Apartment - The Do's And Don'ts

Every home owner or landlord have some do's and don'ts for their apartment buildings.

Some of the rules made by landlords for their tenants make good sense and are actually common sense stuff. However, the majority of those rules are actually there to make the landlord feel like he's in-charge.

Guess what.

The more unoccupied the landlord is (say, a retired and jobless landlord), the more idiotic his rules are. And if the unoccupied jobless landlord lives in the same apartment building as the one you rented, be ready for some busy-body stuff from the landlord.

On the owner hand, if you occupy a building owned by a young guy who is pre-occupied with growing his business empire and who is often on one trip or another, you can be sure you won't see him often in the premises you occupy. And there will be less interference from him.

So, the landlord's status matters when you're in the apartment lease phase.

Some key do's and don'ts for apartments relate to . . .

1. Pets - Some landlords allow tenants to bring in pets while others do not

2. Use of generators - Some landlords prefer that tenants contribute what is called a service charge to the maintenance of a central generator. In such cases, individual generators are not allowed.

3. Parking - The landlord may assign one or two car park lot per tenant. So, if you have more than one or two car respectively, be ready to leave one of them outside the premises of the apartment.

4. Car wash - Some landlords don't allow tenants to wash their cars inside the property premises. These landlords insist it messes up the premises. Landlords with inter-locking floors in the premises of the property may also argue that it reduces the life of the inter-locked floor due to water sipping through the spaces between the locks and damaging the cohesion.

Bottom line.

Do's and don'ts vary from home owner to home owner. So before you pay the rent and commit your funds, be sure to ask what the rules are.

If you do not agree with the rules, do NOT pay for the apartment. Move on and find another that the rules make sense to you.

Apartment Lease Scams - Multiple Clients Paying For Same Apartment

There have been several instances of apartment lease fraud in Lagos Nigeria.

In these instances, a self-acclaimed real estate agent would usually collect rent from several potential tenants for same apartment. He will then promise each one that the apartment keys will be available for collection after completion of the renovation work on the apartment.

When several people have paid for the apartment and there is pressure on the fraud agent to deliver the keys as promised, the rogue agent disappears into thin air.

Bottom line.

Everyone involved loses their money.

What's the message here?

First, request a meeting with the landlord before you make payment.

second, Verify that the person shown to you as the landlord is actually the landlord by asking around in the neighbourhood.

Third, pay to the landlord's account.

I sincerely pray you get the apartment that meet your needs and enjoy your stay in Lagos.

P.S: Interested in apartment lease in Lagos Nigeria? Simply contact us.

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