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Apartment buildings guide Lagos Nigeria - Apartment houses are available as rental property with the owners looking for tenants to occupy them and as property for sale with the property owners looking to sell off the apartments.

Apartment buildings make for quick sale because potential buyers recognize that they can be easily leased as rental property as soon as they buy them. And therefore it has high potential to start generating income just a couple of months after the purchase is finalized.
The first time home buyer will obviously be anxious to know what kind of properties can rightly fall into the category of apartment building in Lagos Nigeria.

This helps him to take a position and decide what sort of building he should invest in to increase his chances of . . .

  • quick rental
  • quick sale in the future if he ever needs to sell and
  • high return on his investment

    Apartment house or building in Lagos Nigeria is either a block of flats . . . a block of four, six, eight, or more flats in a building . . . or a townhouse.

    The design of a block of flats in Nigeria usually entails having two (2) units of flats on the ground floor and two units on each floor above the ground floor.

    For example, a block of four flats usually has two flats on the ground floor and two flats on the first floor.

    In the same vein, a block of eight flats have . . .

  • two flats on the ground floor
  • two flats on the first floor
  • two flats on the second floor and
  • two flats on the third floor

    Apartment buildings in Lagos Nigeria that are built as a block of flats come as a block of

  • 1 bedroom flat
  • 2 bedroom flat
  • 3 bedroom flat or
  • 4 bedroom flat

    Most of the time, apartments that are flats do not exceed 4 bedroom flat because the higher the number of rooms within a flat, the more expensive it is to rent (higher rental price) and the longer it takes to get a tenant to rent it because most people do not believe they need more than a 3 bedroom flat.

    So, what is the apartment type that sells the most?

    Answer . . . 1 bedroom flat.


  • Simple. It is the cheapest type of apartment.

    One bedroom flats . . . popularly called self contain apartments . . . come cheap and give the occupants much needed privacy. Therefore, it is the fastest renting apartment type in Lagos Nigeria.

    One more thing about apartment buildings.

    Some Nigeria real estate investors who have adopted the creative real estate investing strategies taught on this site have found a creative way to increase the earnings from their rental property by developing a house plan that incorporates more than one apartment or flat per floor.

    For example, one of my clients built an apartment house, a block of flats, that has 3 flats per floor and nine flats on three floors. That is . . .

  • 3 flats on ground floor
  • 3 flats on first floor and
  • 3 flats on second floor

    Each floor consisted of . . .

  • 1 unit of 3 bedroom flat and
  • 2 units of 2 bedroom flat

    The result?

    More money for him . . . more income from his real estate investment.

    Bottom line.

    Apartment houses are a bargain in Lagos Nigeria.

    My advice?

    Grab your share of this pie. And start . . . NOW!

    Contact Us.

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