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Real estate marketing tools Lagos Nigeria - There are several property marketing tools available to real estate investors for promoting their real estate developments. And the more creative real estate investors and developers are with using these real estate marketing tools, the faster they will sell the properties in their portfolio.

The next natural question is, "what are the property marketing tools available to real estate sellers?"

The marketing tools can be classified into two key categories:

1. Offline real estate marketing tools and

2. Online property marketing tools

Let's explore these two options and see how the average real estate agent, real estate developer, and real estate investor can promote his property development to sell faster and increase the return on his investment.

Offline Property Marketing Tools

The common offline real estate marketing tools include:

1. Advertising in property magazines

2. Advertising in newspaper magazines

3. Direct mailing of property listings to estate agents

Advertising in offline real estate magazines is a great way to target two classes of people . . .

  • Real estate clients who buy offline property magazines to find available property for sale and rent and
  • Real estate agents who buy offline real estate magazines to find available properties for sale and rent that they can recommend to their clients

    In fact, hundreds of real estate agents across Lagos Nigeria use advertising in offline real estate magazines as the key real estate marketing tool they employ to promote the properties for sale and rent in their portfolio.

    Advertising in monthly, weekly, and daily newspapers is less targeted than advertising in property magazines.

    Nonetheless, some real estate agents employ this method as an additional property marketing strategy for properties in their portfolio. How effective this method is, I can't tell.

    However, from experience, I can tell you that advertising in offline newspapers is not a very productive way to spend your advertising Naira or dollar.

  • For starters, it is expensive to do it again and again, day after day, week after week. It's just not sustainable for the small business person.

    Worst still, it has low conversion rate because it's like a flash in the pan.

    For example, if your primary real estate marketing tools are real estate magazines and daily newspapers, your property ad will only be visible for the day you place the advert.

    After that day, it's gone. And since most people don't read the magazines of the previous day or previous week, other people who are interested in your offer will not find the information you advertised.

    Now you get the point?

    Property Advertising By Direct Mail To Other Agents

    Many real estate agents advertise properties in their portfolio by sending the list of properties for sale and rent in their portfolio to other estate agents in their network.

    They send their office assistants or mail man to distribute physical copies of their list to agents in their network.

    If you think this is an old-fashioned way to advertise properties, you're damn right.

    The educated estate agents have now migrated this manual task to email, which makes it a lot easier and cheaper to send property lists to the individual's network of estate agents.

    Online Real Estate Marketing Tools

    There are cheaper and more effective property marketing tools. And this involves maximizing the use of the internet, the global network of computers that makes communication and marketing dead easy.

    Modern techniques for getting the word out about properties for sale include:

    1. Building a popular website that generate leads to your real estate business

    2. Advertising in popular niche websites

    3. Real estate marketing tools that involves Facebook marketing (Facebook is a social network with over 500 million members)

    4. Pay per click advertising using Google Adwords

    The advantage of online advertising through Facebook and Google Adwords is that you can target your ads to the particular market group that are likely to be interested in the properties in your portfolio. This means higher conversion rate and more money for you.

    Are you a real estate investor looking to sell your developments faster? Or a real estate agent looking to sell or rent apartments faster?

    Explore and maximize online advertising techniques. It could just be the key to higher sales for you.

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