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Homes for sale by owner Lagos Nigeria - This property directory is created specially for houses for sale by owner on Lagos island. If you're searching for Lagos Mainland properties for sale by owner, then visit the Lagos Mainland house for sale by owner section.

When you buy homes for sale by owner, you get the unique advantage of speaking directly with someone who have all the details about the property in questions.

The truth is . . . many Lagos Nigeria real estate agents just don't know their stuff. Some have incomplete details about the property while a few others don't ask the owner the right questions before starting to market the property.

The result?

It's pretty obvious. They cannot answer the questions asked by clients.

You solve that problem by dealing directly with the owner. That is the purpose of this homes for sale by owner property directory.

Remember . . .

This homes for sale by owner directory is for Island properties only. Visit the Lagos mainland house for sale by owner directory is that is what you seek.

Now wait.

Does the above mean that the average Lagos Nigeria real estate agent is dull or inadequate?

Certainly not.

The truth is . . . there are good and bad practitioners in every field of endeavour.

  • there are terrible medical doctors who don't know left from right
  • there are half-baked auto engineers in the industry
  • there are pharmacists who don't know jack about drugs or medication
  • there are hair stylists who will mess up your hair
  • there are fashion designers who know nothing about clothe design
  • there are architect who will create damn impractical home designs

    . . . should I continue? should I say more?

    Bottom line.

    There are quacks in every discipline. And real estate is not an exception.

    So, yes, there are some terrible real estate agents in Lagos Nigeria. But there are also some great estate agents.

  • So, while this homes for sale by owner have certain advantages, do not also forget the important role estate agents play in accelerating the sale and rental of a house.

    If you are a property owner and you wish to market your property yourself without using the services of an estate agent, you're welcome to use this houses for sale by owner directory.

    What does it cost to advertise your property here?

    Zero Naira. Nothing . . . at least for now.

    So, hurry!

    Take advantage of our free real estate listings service while it last.

    Just a quick note.

    Real estate agents offer a valuable service. That is why home owners who have property for sale are willing to part with as much as 5 percent of the property sale price as agency commission for the estate agent in Lagos Nigeria.

    Using an estate agent has the potential to accelerates the sale or rental of your property.

    Therefore my first recommendation is that you should use the services of an Lagos Nigeria real estate agent.

    However, this real estate website is also available for you to use, especially this homes for sale by owner (or houses for sale by owner) section.

    Use the simple form below to upload your property pictures and details.

    Please note that this section is for houses for sale by owner on the island. If your property is on Lagos mainland, then use the Lagos mainland house for sale by owner directory.

    Looking for a property to buy?

    Browse the list underneath the property submission form below.

    Alternatively, search our database using the real estate search tool.

    P.S: Want to use an estate agent? Click here to contact us to help you sell your property fast.

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