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Apartment rental agencies Lagos Nigeria - Property rental search is tough in Lagos Nigeria because over 90 percent of apartments for rent do not carry a sign indicating that they are for rent.

Usually, apartments for rent are given to apartment rental agencies by the home owner. And these agencies then promote or market these available properties for rent through their network of agents and through offline property magazines.

So, how do you find apartments for rent that match your taste and pocket?

You simply find a reliable Lagos Nigeria real estate agent.

Apartment rental agencies essentially fall into two categories:

1. Cheap apartment for rent agents and

2. Premium rental property agents

The first class of real estate agents mentioned above deal with rental apartments in cheap neighbourhoods like low priced apartments or cheap apartments for rent in the outskirts of Lagos city.

This category of estate agents also include estate agents who deal with low priced properties within the city areas.

Examples of low income apartments for rent in Lagos Nigeria are apartments priced between 30,000 Naira to 499,000 Naira per annum.

On the other hand, some apartment rental agencies deal with premium apartments for rent only.

Premium apartments are defined as such based on location or based on property type within a given location.

For example, a 3 bedroom luxury apartment or flat in Ikoyi Lagos Nigeria will likely rent for $55,000 - $65,000 USD (about NGN8.5 - 10 million Naira) per annum. The same 3 bedroom apartment in Lekki phase 1 may rent for between 2 - 2.5 million Naira per annum.

The two apartment types mentioned above (in Ikoyi and Lekki phase 1) are premium in terms of location. Therefore they are expensive.

The second class of premium apartments are those considered premium in terms of the value of the house itself even though it's not built in an expensive neighbourhood per se.

For example, a 3 bedroom flat in Ojodu area of Lagos mainland cost about 350,000 Naira per annum. However, there are houses on the same street as the one mentioned above that cost 500,000 Naira per annum and real estate clients happily pay.


Simple. The higher quality of finish of the house naturally commands a higher price.

Another example.

A 3 bedroom flat in Omole phase 1 estate still in Ojodu area cost about 850,000 Naira per annum even though 3 bedroom apartments outside the estate cost between 350,000 - 500,000 Naira per annum.

What accounts for the difference?

Well, Omole phase 1 estate is considered to be an organized, beautiful, and secure environment. So, demand for the estate is higher. And therefore rental prices are higher.

Cheap houses or apartments tend to be dirty and unkempt houses. And clients more often than not want beautifully designed and finished houses.

Therefore some real estate agents have decided to deal in only premium apartments because . . .

  • complaints are less
  • closure rate is higher
  • operating cost is lower and
  • profit margin is higher

    So, who do you want to deal with? Premium apartment rental agencies or cheap apartments real estate agents?

    It's up to you. It's your choice.

    Our apartment rental agency have chosen to deal in premium apartments because we cannot bear to be associated with the countless dirty unkempt apartment buildings in Lagos Nigeria.

    Sadly, premium often translates to expensive.

    The good news is this . . . most clients who come to us want premium apartments whether they admit it or not. Their taste is way up and they will pay to get good service.

    If you're that kind of customer, if you're someone passionate about living in a clean healthy well-finished apartment, then contact us.

    We will get you the apartment that match your taste.

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