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Apartment listings Lagos Nigeria - This property listing service offers free real estate listing to home owners in Lagos Nigeria as well as Nigeria real estate agents with properties for rent and sale.

Consequently, this apartment listing guide gives everyone in Nigeria, and those overseas looking to rent an apartment in Lagos Nigeria, an opportunity to find the home of their dreams sooner than later.

Obviously, there are different categories of apartments . . . low income apartments and premium apartments for the rich. And the rich have a way of flaunting their high-priced Nigeria real estate.

The good news is . . . this house listing service is not biased towards the rich.

Therefore you will find apartment listings that meet the needs of low to medium income earners as well as folks in the high end of the market.

What is the purpose of this apartment listing service?

Simple. To provide a simple way for property owners (or home owners) to connect with tenants and potential home buyers who are anxious to rent or buy the property on offer.

In simple words . . . the apartment listings in this apartment guide constitute a global database of apartments available for rent and sale in every corner of Lagos Nigeria.

So, irrespective of where you seek apartments for rent or property for sale in Lagos Nigeria, you are sure to find the exact match for your property search.

Sure, this is a new site and the database of properties is growing. But believe me, soon it will be a massive list where anyone can find properties for sale or rent anywhere in Lagos Nigeria.

This house listing service (or home listing service) is broken down into categories to make it easy for potential tenants and home buyers to find what they seek.

The categories are:

  • Property for sale - Mainland
  • Apartments for rent - Mainland
  • Houses for rent - Island
  • Office space for rent
  • Office space for sale
  • House for sale by owner
  • House for rent by owner
  • This Nigeria real estate listing service also has a search function that enables site visitors to search for available properties for sale and rent in their location of choice. That way you don't have to read through pages and pages of information to find what you seek.

    Ready to get your dream home?

    Use The links above to find what you seek.

    Information For Estate Agents

    Many Nigeria real estate agents who post apartment for rent and property for sale information online have a habit of being vague. And they provide very scanty information about the property they advertise.

    Don't be like them.

    The real estate listings provided here is meant to help clients find the exact match for their property needs. Therefore, the more information you provide about the properties in your portfolio, the more likely these potential tenants and buyers will be able to quickly find the estate agent who has the exact property that meet their needs.

    This house listing policy of being open about the exact nature of what is in your portfolio is actually also to your advantage if you are a Nigeria real estate agent.


    Well, it means only potential buyers and tenants who are comfortable with your property offering will contact you. And since they are already pre-sold on your offer, your conversion rate will be higher.

    This means a reduction of time wasting inspections with the wrong clients and more result-oriented inspections . . . inspections that generate sales.

    My advice?

    Use this real estate listing service wisely and to your benefit.

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