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Vacation home rentals Lagos Nigeria - We offer short stay vacation rental apartments to tourists, businessmen, vacationers, and all sorts of good natured people who visit Lagos Nigeria for business or pleasure.

Vacation home rentals or short stays in Lagos Nigeria usually come as 2 bedroom furnished flat or 3 bedroom furnished flat.

Nevertheless, while the majority of short lets are 2 or 3 bedroom apartments, there are a number of short stay houses that are 3 or 4 bedroom duplexes . . . that is, semi detached or detached duplexes.

There are six things you need to know about vacation home rentals in Lagos Nigeria.

First, vacation rentals come as fully furnished apartments. Therefore you don't need to come with your own furniture, TV set, generator, or cooking utensils.

Second, the bigger the vacation home rental apartment, the more expensive it's likely to be.

This means a 2 bedroom furnished short stay is likely to be more expensive than a 3 bedroom furnished short stay apartment within the same neighbourhood. It also follows that a 4 bedroom duplex vacation rental is likely to be more expensive than a 3 bedroom short let apartment within the same neighbourhood.

Third, vacation home rentals in the mainland areas of Lagos Nigeria are a lot cheaper than vacation rentals in the island areas of Lagos.

For example, while a 3 bedroom short stay apartment may rent for about $150 USD per day on the mainland, a similar apartment in Ikoyi may rent for about $350-$500 USD per day.

Four, vacation rentals are priced per day (as is obvious from the price indication above). So, if you wish to rent a particular holiday apartment or shortlet for a certain duration, simply multiply the cost per day by the number of days you wish to stay.

Five, the vacation home rentals pricing does not include the cost of fuel for the generator available in the apartment. And the cost of fuel is not billed as part of the apartment cost because the amount you spend on fuel is dependent on usage, which may be affected by the duration public power supply is available.

Six, the rent for the vacation rental or short stay goes to the home owner. And the home owner does not pay his real estate agent for managing the property. Instead, the tenant is the one who pays the fee of the estate agent when he rents the apartment.

This means that when you rent a vacation home in Lagos Nigeria, you will be required to pay the estate agency fee for the apartment.

For example, if the rent price for a particular vacation rental apartment is 20,000 Naira per day and you want to rent the short stay apartment for 3 weeks (21 days), your payment will be as follows:

Total rent for 3 weeks = 20,000 x 21 = 420,000 Naira

Estate Agent fee (10% of total rent) = 42,000 Naira

Total amount payable = 462,000 Naira

Vacation Rental Reservation

How do you ensure that a particular vacation rental apartment will be available for you to use when you arrive Lagos Nigeria?


Just pay in advance for the duration you wish to stay and lock-in your reservation. That way, you guarantee that the apartment will be reserved for you. It's just like booking a hotel room before your arrival at the hotel.

However, unlike a hotel that may have tens or hundreds of rooms to choose from, vacation home rentals are few in number in the Lagos area because it's a concept that is just catching on.

Therefore, if you miss an apartment because you did not reserve it, you may end up in a hotel because none may be vacant at the time you arrive or the ones that are vacant may be priced above your budget.

Want to stay in a particular short stay apartment when you arrive Lagos?

Simply pay for the entire duration you wish to stay.

If you pay for only part of the duration you wish to stay with the hope of renewing when it expires, your money may be returned because someone else may have paid in advance for the time period just after you were suppose to have checked-out.

Want good service?

Reserve the short stay apartment you want by paying the rental fee and the agency fee long before your arrival.

See list of vacation home rentals available below.

Contact us to reserve any of the shortlet apartments listed below.

List of Short Stay or Vacation Home Rental Apartments

1. 2 bedroom furnished BQ flat off Toyin street Ikeja with generator, cable tv, and furniture.

Price: 100,000 Naira per week

2. 3 bedroom furnished flat for rent off Allen avenue Ikeja Lagos Nigeria

Price: 22,000 Naira per day

3. 3 bedroom furnished apartment for rent at Ikoyi Lagos Nigeria

Price: $350 USD per day

Contact us to rent any of the apartments listed above.

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