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Second income guide Lagos Nigeria - Most people are looking for proven techniques to earn extra income because they are not satisfied with their salaries.

At first glance, it may appear as though those not satisfied with their monthly earnings are people in the lower cadre of paid employment . . . non-management staff.

But the truth is . . . virtually everyone is looking for a second income source, a way to earn extra money.

These people looking for a way to make more money include . . .

  • non-management staff
  • junior level and middle managers and
  • even senior managers in multinational companies
  • Why do people want a second income source? Why do they want to earn extra money?

    Is it because they are just plain greedy?

    Here's my honest assessment of the situation.

    People looking for second income are of three categories:

    1. People who are obviously poorly paid and need much more than they earn to meet basic family needs

    2. People who have a fairly good salary but need more to care for luxuries and

    3. People who are well paid but are looking for alternative income sources to consolidate their position.

    Whatever the reason given for seeking to earn extra money, the bottom line is this.

    Virtually everyone is looking for a way to earn more money . . . a way to make extra income.

    Since the desire to have a second income source and earn extra money is a priority, I have decided to give this concept a little extra attention in this Lagos Nigeria NO. 1 guide to investing.

    The Criteria For Selecting Income Opportunities

    When you're still in paid employment and need a second income, you likely want a second income source that does not infringe on your ability to fulfill your obligations to your current employer.

    The truth is . . . if you do not fulfill your obligations to your current employer and meet your targets, you're likely to lose your current job in the process of looking for a second one.

    Obviously, you don't want that to happen.

    Therefore, the second income source must meet the following criteria:

    1. It should be something you can do at your spare time

    2. It should not infringe on the time you spend at work or for your employer

    3. It should be something you can do at home or near your home

    4. It should be something you can deploy others to handle for you and still make your money

    5. It should be something you can control even though you're not there physically most of the time

    Bottom line.

    You're looking for a hands-free second income source that does not jeopardize your first income source.

    Now, let's look at ways to earn extra money outside your paid employment by looking at income opportunities that satisfy this criteria.

    Proven Techniques To Earn Extra Money

    Read and think through the following income opportunities. And then implement the one that suit you best.

    1. A Manufacturing business

    If you work from Mondays to Fridays and have the weekend to yourself, you can start a manufacturing business.

    What is manufacturing all about?

    It's about transforming input materials into finished products that sell at a price higher than the cost of the total inputs.

    Examples of manufacturing businesses include:

  • sachet water business
  • beverage business
  • bread making business (bakery)
  • biscuit making business

    . . . and more.

    You can start a manufacturing business while still in paid employment and employment a general manager to manage the business for you.

    You can set the startup date to coincide with the period you're on annual vacation for say one month and use that period to stabilize production.

    With your manager handling the day to day running of the business, you can get your second income from the profit made by the business.

    2. Referral Business

    Referral business involves two stages:

    First, the product selection phase and then the product marketing phase.

    Once you have selected the product you will love to promote, the next step is to decide how you want to promote this product to reach people who need the product.

    Suppose you decide to earn extra money by becoming a part-time car salesman. You establish a business relationship with the dealer you wish to work with. Then you refer potential buyers to that dealer for a share of the profit called commission.

    In this particular case, you do not need to be present to be rewarded. You simply connect the potential buyer to the dealer and collect your commission when the sale is concluded.

    3. Make Money From Rental Property Investing

    Visit the rental property investing page to learn how to make money by investing in rental property.

    4. Home Based Internet Business

    A home based internet business is by far the easiest way to get a second income without disrupting your current job.

    As the name suggests, a home based internet business is a business you do at home in your computer.

    Since it all happens on your computer, you can do it any time of the day . . . early in the morning before work or late at night after your day job . . . and earn extra cash as you go.

    Visit the home based internet business guide to learn more about this type of business.

    Want to earn extra money?

    Use the tips above.

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