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Real estate forms Lagos Nigeria - All well structured and well managed real estate agencies have real estate business forms that property clients are expected to complete before the transaction commences.

These real estate forms actually accomplish four things:

1. It tells the real estate agent who the client is

2. It tells the real estate agent where the client works

3. It tells the real estate agent in clear terms the kind of property the client needs and

4. It gives the real estate agent a good idea of the client's budget

The above information will help the real estate agent match the client to the particular property that meet his needs and budget.

The information supplied by the property client in the real estate forms also help the estate agent in discussing with the property owner so that the property owner can give the potential client some audience.

For example, property owners are keen to know the source of income of the potential tenant. Usually, when an estate agent tells a home owner he has a client for his property, one of the first question the home owner is likely to ask is, "where does he work?"

Fortunately, this is one of the information the property client is required to supply in the KYC form. So, the estate agent can provide an answer to the property owner if the potential client filled out a real estate business KYC form correctly.

Here's something important to note.

Real estate forms benefit both real estate agencies and real estate clients.

The discussion above explained the benefit of real estate business forms to real estate agents. But how does completing real estate forms provided by real estate agents beneficial to the potential property client?

Well, think about this.

The real estate business KYC forms usually require the potential client to provide the following information:

1. Full names

2. Current address

3. Employer's name

4. Telephone number or mobile number

5. Type of property desired

6. Location preferred

7. Budget

8. Name and phone number of Next of Kin

. . . and a couple of other details depending on the real estate agency you're dealing with.

Many KYC forms will also include a contract that requires the potential client to sign that he/she will pay the agency the stipulated agency commission percent when the agency successfully complete the transaction.

Take a second look at the list above. Can you read between the lines?

Well, here's the key benefit to the potential client if you have not already guessed it.

Filling the real estate forms provided by the estate agent gives the potential client a second opportunity to . . .

1. think through the type of house he wish to rent, the associated rental price, and the total cost of the transaction vis a vis his other financial commitments and

2. agree (or negotiate) the real estate commission with the real estate agency

Many business people will tell you that you're forced to take a second look at issues when you write it down and read what you have written to yourself.

So, filling a real estate form could be the tonic required to re-think what you're planning to do.

For example, simply thinking through the total cost of changing my apartment for a new one (where I will be subject to the rules of some landlord that could be worse than my previous one) got my wife and I thinking differently. And that is when we decided it was time to build a house . . . our own home.

The real estate business forms estate agents require you to fill could do the same magic for you, the real estate client.

Real Estate Business Forms

If you run a real estate business and you're not good at documentation, this is the time to start.

What are the basic real estate forms that estate agents use?

The basic forms are:

1. KYC (Know Your Customer) form for obtaining client details

2. The authority to sell or rent form

3. The letter of interest form and

4. The offer letter form

The authority to sell or rent form is given by the real estate agent to the property owner to fill out. This is evidence that the property owner has authorised the estate agent to transact business on the property.

The letter of interest form is issued to the principal agent to a property or the property owner when an estate agent visits a property that is not in his portfolio with his client and the client takes interest in the property.

The offer letter form is the form filled out by the principal estate agent or the property own offering to sell or rent the property out to the potential buyer or tenant.

Why have forms 2,3, & 4?

Simple answer . . . it makes your real estate transaction faster.

So instead of going to your office to type out one long letter, you fill out the real estate form right there and then and submit it to the appropriate person.

Guess what.

You also get results faster.

Whether you're a real estate agent or potential client, get comfortable with real estate business forms. It's the smart way to do business.

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