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Link exchange guide Lagos Nigeria - If you're familiar with internet marketing, you probably already know that exchanging links with other websites that have similar theme (or that are complementary) is a great way to boost your ranking with search engines.

Consequently, link exchange have become a priority for many websites. This has created a demand for an automated way to do this task. Trust humans, they would rather have a machine (or software) do the tough job than do it themselves.

The good news is this . . . many internet marketing companies have risen up to fulfill this demand for automated link exchange software. And they are reaping big profits from the different link exchange schemes they have put up to satisfy the desire of webmasters and website publishers for link popularity.

However, there is a problem.

The link exchange that results from software submission of a site's url to thousands of websites is unnatural. It lacks credibility.

Therefore the bad news is this . . . if you're involved in link exchange (and not value exchange), you're like to lose your rankings in the search engines because you have missed the real reason behind exchanging links.

Value Exchange Versus Link Exchange

Value exchange simply means the author of a website exchange links with sites that he believes will benefit visitors to his website.

In this sense, a value exchange is a vote of confidence for the site that the website publisher links to.

For example, this Lagos Nigeria real estate website can link to another Nigeria website (or international website) that provides home mortgage to folks thinking of buying a house.

It can also link to a Nigerian or international website that is home to building construction materials (or building materials) or a site that sells . . .

  • floor tiles
  • roofing sheets
  • portakabins or mobile homes
  • lightings
  • curtains
  • electrical materials
  • house plans

    . . . or any other website that adds value to site visitors.

    Did you notice that term?

    "A site that adds value to site visitors".

    Put simply . . .

    Internet search engines decided to use the link exchange concept to rate how other websites or webmasters feel about other sites.

    This means that a search engine would rate a site as being valuable when other webmasters within the same niche or related niche give a vote of confidence to it. And the more vote of confidence (or links to it) the site has, the more valuable the site is considered to be.

    This is value exchange in action.

    But now that automated software have messed up this rating criteria for sites, what else will the search engines use?

    They will have to develop even more complicated algorithm for rating a site as valuable since humans have refused to play a prominent, respectable, and honourable role in helping search engines make smarter rankings.

    This is sad, really sad.

    Value Exchange - Always Add Value!

    What's your take on this?

    Endeavour to add value in whatever you do online even when you request link exchange from other site publishers and when you make posts in global or Nigeria forums.

    For example, I have discovered that over 70 percent of people who visit the Nigeria forum I administer want to just post a line of text and add a link to their website.

    In effect, they do not want to add any value to the forum. They do not want to join in the discussions or help out in answering questions. All they want to do is post a link to their website and move on to the next website and post another link to theirs.

    That kind of behaviour will get you banned in forums.

    Your link exchanges will not be value exchanges. And since you don't add value, you won't get value in return.

    Remember what you seek?

    High quality links from complimentary websites with high page rank (PR).

    But you won't get that if you're not the kind of person who adds value to forums or other websites.

    Sure, the websites or forums where you go to post your link are high PR sites. But as soon as you post them, the site admin will take them down.


    Simple. You're a parasite who is not adding value.

    My advice?

    Give, give, give, give, and give. Then take.

    P.S: If you believe in the concept of value exchange, add an ORIGINAL article WRITTEN BY YOU to this real estate website with a link to your site in the ABOUT THE AUTHOR section at the bottom of the article. Note that your articles MUST be original and must not appear anywhere else on the net for it to be accepted into this site. Best of all, I may even contribute an article to your real estate related website.

    P.P.S: A second way to add a link to your site on this site is to contact us and request a link swap or exchange with your site.

    P.P.P.S: Value addition is what makes the web a super-useful resource. Always go for value.

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