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Foreclosure listings Lagos Nigeria - Welcome to the directory of foreclosed property in Lagos Nigeria.

This foreclosure listing service features real estate foreclosures or foreclosed homes in every area of Lagos Nigeria. And the goal is to assemble all foreclosed property in one easily accessible location so that people who seek this kind of investment opportunity can easily find what they seek.

As you're probably aware, Lagos Nigeria is divided to two broad categories:

  • Lagos mainland and
  • Lagos island

    This free foreclosed Nigeria real estate directory provides free foreclosure listings for both areas of Lagos Nigeria. You will find the links to these two categories at the bottom of this page.

  • The Value of Foreclosed Property

    What is the big deal about foreclosed properties? Why is it profitable to invest foreclosure real estate listings like the one you will find in this free Nigeria foreclosed property directory?

    Well, the reason is obvious.

    Foreclosed real estate often hit the property market at prices that are somewhat lower than the average price of properties in the specific area where the property is located.

    Remember that foreclosed real estate are properties bought with mortgage and for which the property owners are unable to continue servicing their mortgage payments.

    The owners of these properties have one of two options:

    1. Refinance the mortgage or

    2. Allow the banks or mortgage institutions to take over the property

    Refinance is a good option when the property owner believes he has a chance to recover from his financial predicament sooner than later. And therefore can afford the increased repayment amount the refinance will necessitate.

    If there is no hope of immediate or near-immediate finance recovery, then the home has no choice but put the property up for sale by listing the property in this foreclosure listings directory.

    Bank Foreclosures And The Property Owner

    You will notice that I said the property owner can list his Nigeria real estate that is a candidate for foreclosure in this foreclosure listings directory.

    However, you also know that real estate foreclosure is a term that applies to properties taken over by the mortgage provider (commercial banks, mortgage banks or some other lender) because the property owners defaulted on their mortgage repayments.

    So, how then can I talk of the property owner listing the property in this foreclosed property listing directory?

    Well, here's the truth.

    You don't need to wait for the banks or some other loan lender to take over your property. You don't need to consign yourself to defeat because you're in financial difficulty.

    When you foresee that it's likely that you cannot fulfill your financial obligations to the mortgage provider in the next couple of months, then it's time to put the property in the market yourself.

    If you're fortunate enough, you may find a buyer for the pre foreclosed property before it gets to the point when you're unable to complete the mortgage payment and the loan lender have to be compelled to take over your property.

    Bottom line.

    Don't be greedy . . . and don't give up on yourself.

    Look for options before it's too late! Stop the foreclosure if you can!

    Foreclosure Real Estate Listing

    Use the links below to access foreclosure real estate listings in Lagos mainland as well as those on Lagos island areas of Lagos Nigeria.

    Are you a bank staff, home owner, or Nigeria real estate agent with foreclosure homes in your portfolio?

    List them in this foreclosed property directory using the links below.

    Foreclosure Properties - Mainland Lagos

    Foreclosure Homes - Lagos Island

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