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Building stairs guide Lagos Nigeria - The stairs design of a storey building is one of the "little things" home owners forget to discuss when they appoint a home designer for their dream home.

Don't be amazed to hear a property owner say, "hey, what is this? Is this what you call stairs?"

Another may say, "who is the fool who built this stairs? Wasn't building stairs a part of your training in school?"

The above are often the comments of angry home owners who are pissed off that the exquisite building they have spent so much to build is marred by the ugly stairway designed for the building.

Since building stairs is one of those things your home designer may not tell you about until the job is done, it's important that you give some thought to it and instruct your architect to give you exactly what you want.

Build Stairways That Rock

There are a few things to remember about stairs or stairways.

First, stairs can give your building a look and feel that tells the potential buyer that the building is executive or low class.

Even if you're not building to sell, one look at the stairway can annoy you or give you a feeling like "hey, you did a good job here".

I remember taking a client to see a new duplex for sale somewhere Magodo Lagos Nigeria. As we finished touring the ground floor and climbed the stairs, she said, "who is the contractor who that built this house?"

Obviously, she was referring to the poorly designed staircase.

When we finished the inspection, she said, "I wish I can find the contractor who built this house, lie him down and flog him. He messed up this house!"

If a home buyer can say this about a building and the contractor who built it, imagine that she is the owner. The contractor will obviously have to do a lot of rework to satisfy his customer . . . the home owner.

Therefore to avoid problems later, it is advisable that building stairs . . . the stairway design and finish . . . should be an important part of the home design discussion and planning.

Second, a stairs can be comfortable or a pain in the legs. And since it's something you will have to enjoy or endure for a long, long time, it is best to get it right the first time.

use the 7 tips for building stairs below to create a design that rock.

Five Free Tips To Build Stairways You Love

There are five key areas to look at when building stairs. And so the tips for building stairways discussed here is provided along those lines.

building stairs lagos nigeria

The five key areas are:

1. The size

2. The landing

3. The curve

4. The positioning and

5. The number of stairs - two or one

About the size.

What should the size of a stairway be?

Naturally, it should be wide enough to be comfortable. I suggest a stairway width that can accommodate two average sized persons. That way, you won't find it depressingly annoying when you try to move stuff like refrigerator upstairs.

About stairway landing.

What should be the size of the landing of the stairs?

Naturally, it should follow the same dimensions of the stairway width.

However, a number of stairway landings are wider that the stairway by a few inches. Maybe that has some advantages.

I advice you discuss this point with your architect.

Here's the big one.

Should the second length of the stairway be curved or straight?

Actually, it depends on the land space available for the stairways.

Nevertheless, I find that if you take all the issues associate with building stairs in the design stage of the project, you just might be able to allocate more space to the stairs and get a less that perfect curve that improves the movement of human traffic on the stairway.

Now, let's talk about positioning.

Should the stairs be inside the house or outside the house?

This seems simple enough.

If the building is a duplex (a house where an house holder occupies two floors), the stairs will naturally connect the first floor via the living room.

However, if it's, say, an apartment building with separate flats, the stairs can be on the side of the house.

Here's a caveat.

If you place the stairs at the side of the house, then you may need to put two stairs . . . one for the back flat and the other for the front flat.

The better option?

Put the stairs in the middle of the building between the front and the back flat.

Another question.

Should the stairs be covered?

Yes, for security reasons associated with using the stairs at night.

Final question.

How many stairs should an apartment building have? One? Two?

One stairway is sufficient. And the placement of the stairs in-between the front and back flat as discussed above removes the necessity for a second stairway.

However, for safety reasons (e.g. a fire incident), it may be necessary to build a second stairway facing the first so people can exit through the back stairs or front stairs.

The provision of a back stairway also provides convenience for house holders since the mother of the house can access the kitchen through the back stairs and doesn't have to take all the cooking stuff she bought from the market through the living room, especially when guests are in the house.

See why it is important to discuss all the issues around building stairs for your home with your home designer?

The truth is . . . building stairs is easy to do. But if you don't evaluate all the issues during the design phase of the project, you may end up with stairs that annoy you every waking day.

Do it right the first time!

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