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Sell my house fast Lagos Nigeria - The purpose of this sell house fast guide is to provide home owners who wish to sell their home a simple guide to help them recoup their investment on your home through quick sale.

Let's face it.

Everyone gets desperate for cash every now and then. And even if you're a home owner who simply wants to cash out and invest in something else, even if you're not necessarily desperate to make the sale, you still desire to get the sale over with as soon as possible so you can deploy the cash from the sale into your new venture.

Those who desperately need the cash call me every now and then saying, "Samson, I want to sell my house fast. How soon can you get it sold?"

Unfortunately, when I visit the property they want me to sell fast, I discover that they are ill-prepared to sell house fast . . . they have not positioned the property to be in the league of those that can be sold fast.

Now the big question.

How do you prepare your house to be sold fast?

Use the simple tips below to your advantage.

Tips To Sell House Fast

If you wish to sell your house fast, do the following:

1. Price Your House 20 Percent below Market Value

If you're in the category of people who wake me up in the morning with the words, "Samson, what's happening? I told you I want you to sell my house fast!" Then you desperately need the money.

If that is the case, don't be shy to admit it to me.

Of course, you don't have to make potential feel you desperately need the money. Otherwise, it will weaken your bargaining power. But at the very least, admit to your real estate agent that you want the sale to happen fast because you need the money urgently.

So, what is the first key to sell house fast?

The first obvious key is . . . pricing.

If you're in the category of people who want to sell their home fast, people who scream "sell my house fast", then you should be prepared to sell at least 10 - 30 percent below market value.


The reason is pretty simple.

A lot of potential buyers are looking for distressed property owners. They want to buy dead cheap property so they can make a huge return on their investment in a short period.

In fact, season Nigeria real estate investors come to me announcing that they are looking for dead cheap property, which can turn around a sizeable profit in two to three years.

These guys are in the market for the money . . . hot profit. They are ready to buy if the property is distressed or priced as though it were distressed.

2. Choose The Fast Track Option

I offer the fast track property sale option to people who say "sell my house fast" and who mean it.

How do you say those words and mean it?

By being prepared to spend an upfront amount (decided by you) to ensure your property sale information is made available to people everywhere online and offline.

This campaign is usually very targeted and is aimed at getting the widest exposure for your property.

If you're keen on using this option, then contact us for a detailed breakdown of what this entails.

3. Prepare The House for Sale

If you wish to sell house fast, then you must make the house presentable and appealing to potential buyers who visit the house for inspection.

This is called home staging. And it's a technique that works pretty well in improving the marketability of a property.

Use the tips below to improve the marketability of your property to ensure quick sale.

i) Do not evict all the tenants in the property. The property will look abandoned and potential buyers may suspect there is controversy around the property. This will weaken their desire to buy

ii) Ensure at least one apartment is vacant so potential buyers can gain entrance for inspection

iii) Ensure the your agent has access to the property. There is nothing as embarrassing as having a pre-qualified lead only to be told that he cannot gain access to the property. Real estate clients easily get pissed off. And the inability to gain access may create a feeling of suspicion in their minds especially in this era of 419.

iv) A touch of paint will help the look and feel of the house. A house that may have been written off as old may be considered modern and newly refurbished. Thereby attracting increased patronage and attention.

Use the tips above and others that cross your mind as you read this to improve the marketability of your home so your "sell my house fast" request can become reality.

Who knows, you could sell faster than you expect and at a value that may amaze you.

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