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Residual income business Lagos Nigeria - The benefit of having a residual revenue business lies in the fact that with this kind of business, you recruit customers once and get paid continuously for business done with that customer.

In simple words . . . income from a residual income business compounds and grows exponentially because you continuously get paid for previous businesses in addition to being paid for current business done.

That is why residual revenue business is one of the must popular and most talked about business type in the world.

Therefore, it's likely that this is not the first time you have heard of residual income business.

But the big question is, "how do you profit from residual income business in Nigeria?"

Residue Revenue Business - How To Identify It And Profit From It

To benefit from residual revenue business in Nigeria, you first have to know how to identify an opportunity that qualifies to be called such.

There are four key elements of a good residual income business . . .

1. lifetime commission

2. Referral business

3. High potential for repeat purchase and

4. Reasonable profit margin

A referral business is one where you register as an affiliate or an associate of a product manufacturer and get paid a share of the profit for referring customers to the business. The share of the profit you receive is called a commission.

If the product manufacturer is one that continuously pays you commission for repeat purchase from the customers you referred to the business, we say the company pays commission for life or lifetime commission.

Therefore a residue income business is a referral business where the company you represent is willing to pay you lifetime commission on the customers you refer to the business.

Repeat purchase is exactly what it is . . . the willingness of customers who have bought before to buy again.

If a product has high repeat purchase, a reasonable profit margin, and the manufacturer pays lifetime commission, your profit can quickly compound into a substantial amount every month. And before you know it, you're a millionaire.

Remember . . . a residual income business is profitable when it meets the criteria above.

Sample Residue Income Business

Now you know the theory behind residue income business and why it is so popular.

Now the big question, "what businesses in Nigeria or outside Nigeria offer this kind of remuneration that Nigerians can benefit from?"

That is a good question. And I will answer it by providing two specific examples you can benefit from.

The 5 Pillar Affiliate Program

Sitesell Inc., a Canadian company, offers an online business building software called Site Build It! (SBI!)

This software has helped thousands of people worldwide build their dream home based internet business.

The owners of SBI offer an exciting affiliate program (called the 5 Pillar Program) that pay affiliates two levels of commission.

First level commission - Get $75 USD when you refer a customer who purchase SBI

Second level commission - Get $25 USD commission when the customer you refer brings a customer who purchase SBI

Guess what.

SBI pays commission for life.

This means you keep getting your commission as long as the customer you refer keeps renewing.

What is the cost of SBI!

SBI is priced at $299 USD per year. And it has a high repeat purchase rate.

Every time your clients renew, you get paid your commission . . . even if it's 10 years after you initially made the sale.

Cool! This is true residual income business.

Click HERE to learn more about the SBI affiliate program.

Seamless Solutions Affiliate Program

Seamless Solutions is a Nigerian company with offices in Lagos Nigeria.

The company offers online business training solutions for individuals and organizations.

When you become a member of the training affiliate program of Seamless Solutions, you get paid per participant you refer to their training program.

The good thing about this affiliate or associate program is that . . .

1. It pays lifetime commission to members

2. Members can earn as much as 500,000 Naira (or more) per month and

3. It's a perfect example of a residual income business

Click HERE to learn more about the Seamless Solutions referral program.

P.S: Network marketing is another example of a residual revenue business. Unfortunately, many network marketing companies focus on giving members juicy compensation plan thereby over-pricing the products in the process. Consequently, many network marketers find it difficult to sell these products and eventually stop the business. The Seamless Solutions referral business (or affiliate program) is highly recommended because it combines affordability with good commission pay-out.

Click HERE to learn more about the Seamless Solutions
training affiliate program.

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